Jim Makin - Our UKIP Candidate in East Hampshire

(19/11/2019) Jim studied at Brighton Polytechnic (simultaneously serving two years in the TA), graduated in 1972 with BSc (Hons) Computer Science and Data Processing, and spent his working life designing installing and servicing information systems for manufacturing industry. He is a (retired) member of both the British Computer Society and the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, has lived in Petersfield since 1989, and joined the UK Independence Party in 2006 (the clue is in the name). Since then he has campaigned for UKIP in the majority of by-elections, has contested local elections since 2010, and currently chairs our local UKIP branch.


He enjoys selected you-tube channels, cycling, and undertaking new challenges . . .

Candidate's Summary Statement

England was once described by John Bright in 1865 as ‘the mother of parliaments’. Alas, recently we have looked on in disbelief as our own elected MPs effectively conspired to deny the democratic result of our EU referendum 2016, running roughshod over long-established precedent and procedure, and imploding the reputation of our institutions of government in the process.


We must conclude that our cherished democracy itself is under concerted attack.


I stand firm for the full and prompt restoration of the unencumbered freedom and independence of our great nation, the United Kingdom; and for the personal freedoms and protections of the individual that our people have traditionally enjoyed.


Assert our freedom, assert our independence, Vote UK Independence Party (UKIP) on 12th December and tell the Conservatives that they have lost the plot.

Why is UKIP Standing?

In 2017 we did not contest East Hampshire as Mrs May had made all the right promises prior to calling her general election - and we all now know how that turned out.


To those who say we should just let the Tories get on with it, I say that both main parties have been pushing us into the EU for 50+ years and their track record for EU-philia and broken promises speaks far louder than Boris' Dodgy Deal. "By their fruits shall ye know them".

The USA didn't gain it's independence and become the premier world power by asking nicely to negotiate with the Crown.


Freedom and independence must be asserted - and Boris has chosen not to assert them.


The Deal:

A WTO withdrawal is the withdrawal that gives us the necessary leverage over M. Barnier in the coming trade negotiations and frees us of burdensome financial liabilities (even if out of the kindness of our hearts we were to still give the EU the £39 Billion that the House of Lords has determined we don't owe them).


It would also allow the UK to evade the punitive tariffs that the WTO has just agreed the USA can impose on imports from the EU for illegal state support of Airbus - tariffs that will affect UK exports if we stay in transition, tariffs that will make EU businesses even more determined to keep their free trade arrangements with the UK under a WTO exit (WTO rule XXIV).

Team Boris has been assuring us that all the prep for an exit on WTO terms is now done.


We have never been so well prepared yet Boris has opted for a retread of the May capitulation deal that will impose "transition" and inevitably lead to more tortuous negotiations / give-aways. It means that if/when we eventually do leave transition we will accept liability for potentially enormous financial payments for years to come.


The Boris dodgy deal is a lousy deal. It doesn't "get Brexit done".


Assert our freedom, assert our independence, Vote UK Independence Party (UKIP) on 12th December and tell the Conservatives that they have lost the plot.

Further Reading

What Ted Heath had to brush under the carpet to take the UK into the EEC in the first place.


The Lisbon Treaty - what nobody wants to talk about but you need to know about the EU.


Note in particular:    "It is also an Enabling Treaty which means the EU can change anything in it without referring back to any elected body. It bypasses every democratic principle."


Our Fisheries - The Boris deal allows the EU to impose any detrimental legislation during "transition" to have the effect of culling what’s left of the British fishing fleet. The EU will have every reason to do so as under UNCLOS 62.2 the EU would then be free to claim the “surplus” of our resources that we’d no longer have a fleet to catch!


Climate Change Emergency - is this a real emergency or is it global hogwash on steroids? There is little middle ground here, so your decision is important!  Pick up some tips on sorting the sheep from the goats here. You can find a few links to climate change doubters on our links pages  (I've not included any pro-CCE articles because these are plentiful elsewhere).


Les Gilets Jaunes - reportedly UK media are subject to a "D-Notice" to prevent reporting . . . so we must resort to social media to see what is going on. There are plenty more reports if you look. Strangely, M. Macron is reportedly being overhauled in popularity by the populist Marine le Pen. Small wonder.


EU Defence Union matters are another topic mysteriously going largely unmentioned in the UK, save for a few alternative news outlets. Maybe even Boris has noticed that he can't really expect us to believe that he is taking us out of the EU if he signs us into the PESCO initiative, so he seems to have fallen back on the EI2 scheme that whilst being much the same in practical effect isn't overtly linked to the EU - plus ça change . . . how many hats are needed to cover our unstoppable enmeshment within European defence ?


Law and Order - The UK sytem of Common Law is still fundamentally different from the Napoleonic Code and the EU's preferred Corpus Juris (they like their Latin). However the state of justice in general in the UK may be regarded as lamentable . . . not because the rules have changed but because the resources have been removed, at least according to the "Secret Barrister" (recommended reading: BLOG and BOOK).  It's an eye-opener that every voter should read.

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