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From time to time an interesting article comes my way, so I have decided to share a selection on this page.


I should say that views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views of the Branch, or even of UKIP. 


The common factor is that the views highlighted here tend to express dissatisfaction with some aspect of the ways in which we are currently governed. They are included because we all from time to time need to challenge our lazy assumptions about the world we inhabit. Could some of those assumptions be wrong? If so, should we worry?


We are mindful of the saying that all that is necessary for evil to triumph is that good men should look the other way (various attributions). We believe that you are also.


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Who Checks the "Fact Checkers"?

(04/09/2020) Following on after the article below, this young lady explores the world of those who might wish to mould our opinions behind the scenes:

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Conspiracy theory? Time to call up your intuition!

Down the Rabbit Hole . . .

(04/09/2020) Thoughts . . . what can we really "know"? How can we "know" it? How do we "know" it? What does "to know" actually mean? Fascinating . . .

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Want True Independence?

(12/05/2020) A lesson in life - the great awakening - delivered with undeniable gusto - and more than a grain of truth?

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Over to you!

5G and Covid-19?

(07/04/2020) A timely article in Independence Daily points out some intruiging facets of the possible (so far unproven) relationship between the 5G roll-out locations and the main Covid-19 clusters. All very tenuous, but surely enough to raise eyebrows and ask relevant questions? So why the seemingly automatic reflex of our government to rubbish any possible connection . . ?

God Bless America!

(05/04/2020) Robert David Steele wraps up the current status of Q, Trump, 5G, the state of politics and paedophilia in America, and the advice of the UK government that 5G is absolutely "safe".

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Coronavirus - A Health Problem or a Political Problem?

(15/03/2020) A thought-provoking rant (let's call it for what it is!) by someone who claims to have "invented email" - I don't doubt the claim but I do doubt that he was the first to do so. What seems beyond dispute is that he is well qualified in medical matters and cares deeply about what he sees as the hijacking of medical provision by an establishment that some see as more concerned by profit than health.

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Global Net of Corruption

(15/03/2020) This presentation is from 2013 - but I'll wager it is even more relevant today . . .

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Food Safety - Historical Presentation

This presentation is five years old already, and deals with the introduction of GM foods in the USA. It is dated but very accessible, and we still read of Bayer (who bought the herbicide Roundup from Monsanto) fighting court cases over exactly the same subject matter.


I include it here as a very watchable, very human presentation which illustrates the damage that industrialists have inflicted on American families in the past by omitting to undertake properly independent safety trials. I suggest that we are going through the exact same process of exploitation, denial, followed by the eventual dawning realisation that people are falling ill and dying, due to the introduction of wireless technologies that have not been properly tested for safety.


We could I think be forgiven for suspecting that this modus operandi could be deliberate.


The essential and critical difference this time is that where we did have a choice to buy organic food rather than GM food, we will have no choice over our exposure to the all-pervasive but invisible electromagnetic pollution generated by wireless technologies including 5G, and it will be next to impossible to legally get it turned off.

FCC Taken to Court by EHT

(18/02/2020) The Environmental Health Trust has raised the funds to file a historic legal action against the FCC (Federal Communications Committee) for their refusal to update their antiquated wireless communications regulations. No doubt this will be a herculean court case and fought tooth and nail by the FCC.


Meanwhile the EHT reports that the UK government has updated its advice for mobile phone users - a small step in the right direction. Read the full text here. I personally would add that children especially should keep their mobile phones turned off when not in use - it saves battery but more importantly it also stops the continuous exposure to radiation that occurs whilst the phone repeatedly checks its connection to the nearest mast - if it's in your child's pocket then radiation exposure could be at dangerous levels for long periods . . .

Big Pharma or Nature?

(07/02/2020) I'm returning here to my theme that Big Pharma (in its widest sense including the agri-chemicals and GM businesses) is not our friend. This article by the (no doubt self-styled) "Alternative Doctor" -  yes, he does appear genuine - makes a lot of good sense to me. Professor Keith writes books, but does not endlessly bombard you with hard-sell emails, and does write interesting articles for free - I suggest that you can subscribe to his email list with relative safety :) if you feel so inclined.


Also in my mail this morning (from the Institute for Responsible Technology) is this email about the concerning sales-pitch for a specific agri-chemical - Bayer may now be regretting its purchase from Monsanto due to the mounting fears of impending court cases . . .    This product was recently approved by the EU in contentious circumstances and last time I looked was still on sale in our local Tesco, so it's not something that you might feel safe ignoring as "not in our back-yard".


In my view we should all be concerned about the pervasive use of this product and as we are now out of the EU it would be possible to lobby our government to withdraw approval for use in the UK.

Darwin - A Theory Ripe for Review?

(16/01/2020) "Science never ceases to question. When a theory is taught as an unquestionable fact, it should be quite obvious that something is wrong. Today, science isn’t really science, and this is not only true for topics such as evolution, it’s true in many areas where science is used for an agenda by powerful and corrupt forces".


This statement applies in anumber of contentious areas these days, but here we think of the origin of the species - where did we come from?


Collective Evolution have penned an interesting and challenging article for those who want to understand the reasoning here - refreshingly, it poses the challenge but doesn't hitch its wagon to any specific answer - thought food for the inquisitive.

Modern Medicine - Blessing or Curse?

(12/01/2020) This is a relatively new topic area for this site, but it is probably overdue an airing. My interest was piqued a few years ago - well, quite a few years now - when I had a bit of a health crisis (too long and involved to relate here) which ended up with a diagnosis of asthma. Well OK, I had grown up with asthma as a kid and wasn't fazed by this. Of course the (unspoken) assumption was that it was incurable and that I would have to take inhalers, so I did.


Problem solved - until next year when I was back in the Doctor's clinic with the cough, despite the inhalers. Stronger inhalers were prescribed . . . and the same happened the year after. Finally I had to face the thought that I might not be able to continue going to work as I was running out of inhaler strength availability and this whole treatment programme had become ridiculous.


What to do? I ruled out another session with my doctor - he was only interested in prescibing drugs and they were not working. So to cut a long story short I resolved to do everthing I could think of to boost my immune system, no matter how seemingly unrelated to my condition, starting with my diet which I based (a step at a time - to rush is to fail) around fresh fruit and vegetables and their juice.


Cutting another long story short, now I am well past retirement, active, and with asthma well controlled (and eating a more traditional diet albeit well loaded with fruit and veg juice). Looking back I think I am very lucky - it was asthma and not cancer or any number of other unpleasant effects of neglecting to look after oneself. A young person can get away with so much, but as we age our weak spots will find us out.


So the obvious question is, for whom was my doctor working? Why did he feel compelled to offer me drugs rather than the advice (to change my lifestyle) that I needed?


Read more about it here here here and here. Don't ever say that I give you nothing to get your teeth into . . . !

For Followers of 5G, and others . . .

(28/12/2019) Technocracy, one world order, 5G, internet of things . . . What to make of it all? Well, as with so much today, I can't provide the definitive answer. That is the task for each and every one of us to reach our own conclusion, even if that conclusion is along the lines of "I don't know, but here are some interesting lines of enquiry". You can read part two of the above linked discourse here. I'm not suggesting that you spend a lot of money on John Rappoport's "Matrix" products, but if you like his line of thinking you might want to bookmark his blog and/or join his free email list.

Baby You Can Drive My Car ...

(27/12/2019) By way of something different (and not particularly political!) today's featured article is about owning an electric car - so if you have wondered what the practicalities actually are, read on . . .


(31/12/2019) Read part two of this article.

A Tribute to Clive James - May He Rest in Peace

(01/12/2019) To the quintessentially Australian Clive James, who entertainingly held high the flag of Common Sense across our benighted world.


I don't normally bother to put up articles about immigration because it's a toxic topic to many, but this article (written from a "UK in the EU" perspective) has much good sense to offer and I commend it to you.

The Transgender Discussion

(29/10/2019) This is a thought-provoking viewpoint from the United States. Those of a squeamish disposition may need to steel themselves before watching. The UK as ever seems to be in much the same boat as the US on this issue.


The argument revolves around the legal age at which a child may decide to undertake a potentially dangerous, even largely irreversible, life-changing treatment, and whether or not a parent or guardian has the right to decide on such treatment on the child's behalf, possibly even in the face of opposition from the child's other parent. 


Bear in mind that in our societies no child may be permitted to do relatively simple things, such as to drive a motor vehicle on public roads or to use tobacco products, or to get married or to purchase alcoholic beverages or fireworks before a specified age, regardless of parental viewpoint.


One must also ask what motivates those who promote gender transitions. It should go without saying that the welfare of the child must always be paramount, so what are the upside opportunities and how do they outweigh the downside risks, and who is to take the final decision?


Recommended watching - as ever, make up your own mind.

Viscount Monckton debunks the myths around climate change - and how to call a spade a spade . . .

BBC Journalist Discusses her Search for the Truth

Politics Today

The Matrix - and How to Escape

(04/10/2019) Do you ever wonder if the assumptions that underpin our daily lives might be at all suspect? If so, then this is the site for you. Jon Rappoport has assembled a wealth of information if you have the inclination and time to sift through it and if you are of an adventurous inclination - but be warned - if you don't want the bases upon which your life has been built disturbed, then do not enter . . .

The Birds and the Bees

(24/09/2019) This presentation was made in 2010 . . .  So can you imagine where we are today?

More here.

The Healthy Electrical Body - according to Dr Tennant

(30/08/2019) Dr Tennant neatly summarises the holistic concepts that he believes lie behind our heath and sickness, and where the current medical powers (primarily in the USA but also in the UK) depart from holistic principles to address specific symptoms primarily via drugs and surgery, backing these "standard of care" treatments with the force of law in the USA and across the western world. So medical practitioners are perfectly free to practise provided that they do what the law tells them they must do.

The Vaccines Controversy

Do they work? Even if they do, do they do more harm than good through unwanted "side-effects"? This video from takes them to task.

Do you believe that the same does not apply in the UK?

Reckitt Benckiser Pays Up (but is that good)?

(11/07/2019) British company Reckitt Benckiser  has agreed to pay "up to US$1.4 Billion to end the US federal investigation into the marketing of an opiod addiction treatment" by Invidior (lately "demerged" from RB) .


This begs a couple of questions . . .


a) Do they have something to hide?  Must be pretty big to warrant such expenditure!

b) Is justice served by allowing a criminal investigation to be effectively bought off, or does this amount to the collusion of the investigating authorities in hiding the true activities of the Company from the public?


which in turn begs another question:


c) Why is seemingly nobody asking the above two questions?


Go figure . . .

Robert David Steele - A Man Who Says What He Thinks

(24/05/2019) The ills of the world (and the USA) from the horse's mouth.

AV10 - Establishment Cover-Up?

(24/05/2019) Link to here.


Link to here. Links to various research papers (all prior to Feb 2013) here.


Some onward links seem to have been closed down, make of that what you will.


This site has neither medical nor first-hand knowledge to assess or otherwise judge the effectiveness of GcMAF or to comment on any of the claims made in the video or on the sites linked. We feature this content because of the enormous implications should some or all of the claims made prove over time to be accurate.


We suggest that you verify for yourself and form your own viewpoint, which may simply be to acknowledge the possibilities. Certainty is as always elusive.

So How is the World Really Run?

(23/05/2019) This article is by a financial technical analyst, who makes his living by analyzing the fiancial charts and getting people to subscribe to his articles.  His advice in not inexpensive (but this article is free to view).


Obviously the recent antics of the world's central banks have a considerable effect on the valuations that pertain in the world's various financial markets, so there is considerable overlap between financial matters and world politics.


His analysis makes interesting reading. If you are one of those who still consider that thinking such as this can be dismissed as "conspiracy theory" and therefore the product of a paranoid mind, ask yourself two questions:


a) Since conspiracies to obtain power and wealth have been the very stuff of history ever since man first began to assemble into competing tribes, why now, when the prizes to be played for are on a gargantuan global scale, do I think that conspiracies are now a thing of the past?


b) If conspiracies are not after all a thing of the past, what evidence can I cite to indicate that the assertions put forward by this article are wrong?

9/11 Lawsuit

(26/04/2019) Collective Evolution report on a lawsuit that alleges sins of omission by the U.S. Department of Justice in relation to evidence that was allegedly not considered:


"The Facts: The Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry, Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, and 9/11 victim family members have announced a joint federal lawsuit against U.S. Department of Justice for not acknowledging evidence about what happened on 9/11"


Are chickens about to come home to roost, or is this the final fling of a discredited conspiracy theory? We watch and wait.

Assange Extradition to the USA?

(17/04/2019) Julian Assange as we may all recall originally sought refuge in the Ecuadorian embassy in order to avoid being taken to Sweden for questioning on "sex charges".

Now he has (at long last) been extracted from the Ecuadorian embassy and is reportedly facing extradition to the United States. The Guardian has the story here (who says mainstream journalism is dead?). So was the original move to send him to Sweden "for questioning" really just a ploy to allow Sweden rather than the UK to take the rap for handing him over to the Americans?


For a more complete review of the Assange situation, follow this link. It makes for interesting reading.

Something Else That May Have Passed You By

(16/04/2019) This article in the American Conservative highlights how the monetary regime that we all take for granted these days is probably illegal and may be due a correction. How that would that play out is anybody's guess.

2019 World Congress of Families, Verona, Italy

Smart Meters - What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

(30/03/2019) If you have heard that smart meters may not be all the are cracked up to be by the energy companies, watch this video from Stop Smart Meters (UK) (lecture delivered at the Glastonbury Symposium - home of all unconventional thinkers . . .) and judge for yourself:

Salisbury Review

For a light-hearted but fundamentally serious review of the state of certain sections of what we might loosely describe as academia, their article "A Dog's Breakfast" takes some beating. Enjoy!

Now for Something Completely Different

Alan Craig was the UKIP spokesman for Families and Children. It would be good to have a less polarised discussion that might actually be a debate, but I suppose that would not be regarded as good copy in these confrontational times.

The Internet of the Impertinent

I came across this serious but light-hearted look at the impact of living with a "smart" home . . .   Coming to a home of yours soon - enjoy!

One for the Political Egg-Heads

Another Take on Fake News from Across the Pond

It may be from across the pond but it highlights our very own BBC . . . one of their producers has seen the light and more to the point, has gone public. I wish him well, but fear for his job prospects.

Whither our NHS Today?

(11/02/2019) Those of us who are worried by the direction that our NHS has taken over the past years will be interested in this video. There is plenty more for those who would like to investigate this topic further - I suggest this link. For more, go to and search for "privatisation of NHS by stealth".

A Different Challenge . . .

(03/02/2019) Whilst we do use this page to highlight controversial matters that tend not to be given much space elsewhere, it's nice to be able to link to an article that challenges our usual thinking without laying blame at any particular quarter. Collective Evolution report on a Japanese study that asks some pertinent questions about how we live today, and perhaps also offers some interesting possible avenues to explore. Are we so conditioned by our lifestyle that we would reject such ideas out of hand?

Are Vaccines Safe?

This is a question that has been rumbling ever since the MMR vaccine first hit the headlines, prompting the medical establishment to issue vehement denials of untoward safety issues.

Now we find reports of a lawsuit in the USA alleging outright fraud on the part of a major drug company. Read the reports and judge for yourself. Also read this report (especially if you are, or intend to become, pregnant).


As ever with these things, bear in mind that it is not possible for most of us to know the whole truth for certain - there are simply too many variables. We can only determine our version of the truth after reading the reports of others and applying critical thinking and good sense - the conclusion may simply be that there is enough doubt raised that we should be cautious about uncritically accepting the advice proffered by our institutional experts.


The question that we should ask ourselves is how the down-side risks compare with the upside probability of gain, and have eiher of these been adequately investigated and assessed? Sadly the answers to these questions require too much technical time and knowledge for most of us, so we must either trust the experts or check whether we can find any serious reports indicating the contrarian view.

Freedom of Speech?

(27/01/2019) It has come to something when the Police prefer to pursue "hate incidents" rather than actual crimes. "Sargon of Akkad" takes a recent incident apart:

UN Declaration of Human Rights 1948 Article 19

The Guardian 16 February 2015

"Freedom only to speak inoffensively is not worth having" The Guardian 24 JUly 1999

More about 5G?

Well actually no, this is about pre-5G wireless communications (4G 3G etc), 5G may be worse as the higher frequencies used imply that radiation power levels will be higher . . .


The first video is of a lecture given in Dec 2015 at the University of Melbourne:

The next comes from a lady who describes herself as a "cutting edge Truther". She doesn't just rant on, she also includes clips from those who ought to know:

My summary from these and other sources (see earlier posts below) is that 5G seems to be being rolled out worldwide just as fast as the indutrialists can, without any serious safety checks on the health of those who will be affected (just about the entire world population) and ignoring the warnings of those who believe that very serious health issues will result. Ought we to be worried?

Adults in the Room

(07/01/2019) "Adults in the Room" is the title of the book in which Yanis Varoufakis recounts the story of the Greek government's negotiations with the EU and the IMF over the Greek bail-outs. It's an unmissable read if you want to know how the EU really works, but happily for those who would rather read the gist rather than the detail, the Campaign for an Independent Britain have published a one-web-page summary by Ambassador Leonidas Chrysanthopoulos of the techniques used to secure the Greek surrender.  Read and marvel.


(06/01/2019) A very controversial and widely-used chemical weed-killer.


How damaging is it? Should we be worried? Can we avoid it?


This podcast of Dr Stephanie Seneff is very revealing and impressive - this lady clearly knows her stuff, and not just about glyphosate . . .

The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation

(05/01/2019) The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation is an international organization founded in 1969, consisting of 57 member states, with a collective population of over 1.8 billion as of 2015 of which the majority are Muslim majority countries (Wikipedia).


The (90 minute!) video below (courtesy of the American Centre for Security Policy) seeks to explain the significance of the OIC that you have never heard of, and how it seems to be working. It deals with the effects over the pond but I think it resonates on this side of the water also. It has clearly been around for about 6 years, so no doubt events have moved along a bit since it was recorded.


As always, make up your own mind based on the evidence.

The Left Case Against the EU

(01/01/2019) And not just of interest to left-leaning persons. This is a wide-ranging discussion of the EU today: how we got here, how it works, how it doesn't work, and where we go from here. Highly recommended.

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