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From time to time an interesting article comes my way, so I have decided to share a selection on this page.


I should say that views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views of the Branch, or even of UKIP. 


The common factor is that the views highlighted here tend to express dissatisfaction with some aspect of the ways in which we are currently governed. They are included because we all from time to time need to challenge our lazy assumptions about the world we inhabit. Could some of those assumptions be wrong? If so, should we worry?


We are mindful of the saying that all that is necessary for evil to triumph is that good men should look the other way (various attributions). We believe that you are also.

Politics Over the Pond

(07/11/2018) This is "alternative" comment about the state of politics in the USA . . . but is what goes on over there not similar to what goes on over here? Food for thought.

On the Same Theme

(06/11/2018) Others who have decided to challenge and rebuild their beliefs ... including some in Turkey. Also: Islam is "the worlds fastest growing religion".


And here is someone else who worked out for herself how to change her business life around - by "listening to people".


Maybe we can all turn situations around, if we are brave enough to engage our brains and think things out for ourselves.

Change is Down to Us 

(04/11/2018) The Collective Evolution movement explains where they are coming from. Very much a bottom-up approach, and we are certainly more powerful than we might suppose if we have faith that others also think like us. Can we shift global conciousness? I don't know, but best not wait for others to do it for us . . .

New Head of Civil Service Shoed In

"...this is exactly what happened with tobacco..."

Dr Golberg's testimony (a long 5 minutes!) at Michigan's Small Cell Tower Legislation Hearing. 


Dr Heroux testifies at the same hearing:

The video below covers the attitude of the present FCC Chairman Ajit Pai to the health risks that 5G may pose to the population.

So why are the mainstream newsmedia seemingly not covering this? I think that this is a question that we will all have to work out for ourselves.  Much may hang on the answer.


See below under "ELectrosmog" for more. 

Chaos at Calais? Non Monsieur!

(26/10/2018) Westmonster reports the riposte of French Regional President Xavier Bertrand to Dominic Raab's contribution to "project fear II": that the French might disrupt Port of Calais operations. The lower down the hierarchy we go, the more good sense we hear, as usual.


The BBC also carries the report.

Sobering Logic from Down Under

(20/10/2018) I can't say if this assessment is right or wrong, but given that we know nothing for certain, what do you suspect are the odds? Is Australia any different to the UK? 

Is it All Downhill from Here?

(15/11/2018) Sadly this video link is removed as the target video is no longer there. I hope that this is not a sign of the times.

(18/10/2018) What happens across the pond arrives here sooner or later - this soliloquy has relevance to us all.

Latest from the EU Parliament

(17/10/2018) Added.

Global Warming Put-Down

OK, this is one-sided, but I think that the other side gets enough of an airing elsewhere.


Just in case you think that this guy is by himself in his views:

This is another link that tries to add some much-needed perspective.

Lord Pearson's Address to Conference

The Marrakesh Declaration(s)

The Marrakesh Declaration 2016 


(01/10/2018) This was a declaration which came out of a conference held in January 2016 under the auspices of His Majesty, King Mohammed VI of Morroco. It addressed the rights of religious minorities in predominantly Muslim lands. 


Whilst it may seem a positive move to us in England it seems unclear from the web-site whether this was ever actually signed and if so by whom. Wikipedia indicates that the declaration was made "by more than 250 muslim religious leaders, heads of state and scholars" but doesn't identify any of them.


Happliy BusinessEurope lists the signatories (seemingly only the business interests rather than national governments and religious leaders?).


The LSE commented on the meaning of the declaration but noted some significant reservations - it also omitted to shed light on the elusive signatories.


It seems therefore unclear just how much support this has in the Islamic world at large - if anyone can shed light on this please use our contacts page and share your information with us.


The Marrakesh Declaration 2018


This entirely different kettle of fish was signed by 31 European and 26 African nations in May 2018 under the Rabat Process of Euro-African Dialogue on Migration and Development (according to the European Freedom website).


The concern is that this Declaration paves the way for more emigration from Africa to the EU. Hungary refused to sign it on the grounds that it encourages emigration into Europe, pointing out that this is at odds with the original goal of the Rabat Process which was to use European funding to realise development projects in Africa in the interests of reducing emigration.


More useful information on the European Freedom website.


UKIP is committed to withdrawing from both the Barcelona Declaration, and the Marrakesh Declaration 2018 (UKIP Interim Manifesto 2018).

FCO 30/1048

(29/09/2018) Which is? - a Foreign and Commonwealth Office briefing paper of around 5 decades ago, which details the deliberate betrayal of UK independence to the EEC (putative EU) back in the 1970s. This was kept secret for 30 years, then released (around 2002) to remind us of the long-standing duplicity of our governing classes


Whilst we suspected something of the sort, the deliberate ceding by salami-slicing of our nation's independence to a council of European powers set the tone for 50 years of half-truths, obfuscation and broken promises, perpetrated not only by our politicians (whom we can in theory change) but by our civil "servants" (whom we cannot change).


Mrs May is merely the latest, the most blatant, the most clueless, and the most pathetic example of the genre.


We need root and branch reform, starting at the very top, including the civil service, and we need it now.

Why we are All Doomed . . .

This title seems a bit melodramatic but  . . . read the article and then ask - is any of that contradicted by actual evidence? Or are we really relying on others  who may have neither our interests nor devotion to the truth at heart?

Cultural Marxism

(26/09/2018) Some say that this is the driving force behind "political correctness" and that its purpose is to create "victims" so that normal people in society can be labelled as "oppressors" and indeed brainwashed into believing it. The original victims identified by Karl Marx were the workers/proletariat, who were oppressed by the capitalists/bourgeousie - since that historically hasn't worked too well, new victims/oppressors have been identified in the hope of provoking conflict, of which the Marxists hope to take advantage in order to instigate a revolution leading to the great socialist "power of the people" utopia.


As always, the question will be: "who speaks for the people?".


An excellent summary of the prime movers can be found here, courtesy of David Kurten, the UKIP Education spokesman, and UKIP Daily.

Can anyone say what next very big and wholly predictable conflict is being prepared?

Electrosmog is Coming . . . 

(28/09/2018) The Environmental Health Trust presents at lot of links to letters from scientists and other organisations here. It also makes available friendly-format advice on how to mitigate the risks. I like their web-site - it is a veritable mine of useful information (eg: wi-fi in schools), and is easy to explore. 

(27/08/2018) Well, actually the  smog is here now - we have 1G 2G 3G and 4G already (not to mention wireless headsets, wireless keyboards, wireless mice, wi-fi etc) - so yes, it's already well-established, indeed almost all-pervasive. But not yet 5G. 


So what's another G? 5G? So what?


5G is required (we are told) in order to handle high data volumes (films, internet of "things", etc). To do this requires higher frequencies, and that means the use of relatively much higher power transmissions and focussed beam technology - rather than scattering the signal in all directions it will beam the signal in one direction.


Clever eh? Except that if you are on your mobile all that power would get beamed straight to your head . . . oh, and we might have to follow Sheffield's example and cut down all the local trees, since the short wavelength signal cannot navigate around foliage, especially when it's wet.


And as these signals need to travel in straight lines, we will need many more smaller antennae so that we are never far from a base-station.


Now I'm not a tech-head in wireless technology, so it's quite possible that I may have misunderstood a few of the salient facts, but yes, I am thinking that this could stand some investigation.


Where to start? Well, this looks like a good place . . .

NB:  Tom Wheeler is now the ex FCC Chairman. He was succeeded by new chairman Ajit Pai, appointed by President Trump.


Also, maybe here ("numerous recent scientific publications have shown that EMF affects living organisms at levels well below most international and national guidelines"). Or here.


So not in the UK yet then? - Or is it? Find out more here

Here's a Naughty Thing

Just to lighten the mood . . .

Ain't Seen Nuthin' Yet . . .

Katie Hopkins - Brexit or Chaos

(02/08/2018) Katie tells it how it is - either we get Brexit, or we drive a coach and horses through our democratic settlement . . .

History of PMs - courtesy of the CIB

Search for the guilty, punishment of the innocent, praise and honour for . . .

Control Agenda UK?

(7th July 2018) For one person's summary of how the EU has embedded itself into our nation, look no further

About the Banks

After the financial implosion of 2007-2009, widely regarded as triggered (but  not entirely caused) by the "packaging" of dodgy mortgage loans into securities subsequently sold on by the banks to the unsuspecting (they wouldn't deliberately sell off dodgy stuff would they . . . ?). So were any bankers charged with fraud? 


Read all about it here - there's enough information to "sink a battleship" (but maybe not enough to sink any bankers). You will need an hour or two for this - there's a lot to cover but it is very illuminating, especially the video - if you do nothing else, watch it here:

Mr Osborne's alleged starring role indicates that our governmnets are not strong enough to take on the international banks - could it be that they are even in league with them? That might explain a few things . . .

Prof Patrick Minford

(23rd May 2018) A reminder of how much the EU costs us . . . 

Katie Hopkins

(19th May 2018)  Barnstorming​ in the US of A.

For those of you who are wondering (as I did), according to Wikipedia she is an "English media personality".

Andy Thomas (again)

(19th May 2018) Andy (no, not the NASA astronaut) hales from Lewes in East Sussex and is someone who isn't afraid to think for himself - and happily to share his insights with us. Maybe not always right, but he challenges our lazy assumptions and makes us think anew about where we have been and where we are going. And yes, conspiracies have been a fact of life in the courts of power ever since the human race got out of control . . . do you think that things are different now?

Gerard Batten Interviewed

(26th April 2018) Watch Gerard Batten interviewed by Tommy Robinson.

About our Leadership, Brexit, etc

(29th March 2018) The Hon. Alexander Dower, outgoing Australian High Commissioner to the UK, shares his wide-ranging reflections on the UK as it leaves the EU, at the Policy Exchange. Well worth viewing to see how an "outsider" from the Commonwealth sees our current situaution.


(13th March 2018) If you are easily put off by upstart youngsters pushing their brash views on their elders and betters, best not to watch this one by Paul Joseph Watson.

The Daily Mirror (all credit to them) highlights our "worst-ever child grooming scandal" in Telford on their front page, as befits such a major story. We are happy to see that at least some newspapers still support old-fashioned investigative journalism - occasionally.


In contrast the BBC originally gave this scoop minimum prominence . . . why so?

About the EU...

Paul Nielsen of No space to elaborate here - but you could usefully watch this critique of the EU. Sit yourself down with a cup of tea first.

About Brexit...

Posted 13th March 2018


The Negotiation


This article in Conservative Woman just about sums up the current state of our pathetic EU negotiation give-away. As so often it takes a member of the gentle sex to tell it how it actually is - more power to their elbow! 



Posted 13th November 2017


The Economy


Growth accelerates right across the UK, according to the Telegraph.


UK Business are flourishing (again in the Telegraph), and the Pound "falls" after comments from Mark Carney (but still well within recent range!).


Posted 3rd November 2017


NHS Brexit Claims Debunked


Dire warnings about the terrible impact of Brexit on our NHS are assessed here - based on the NHS's own staffing data.


EU Bullying the European Space Agency to freeze out UK 


Even though the Space Agency isn't an EU institution, the Commission wants to be able to cancel contracts with companies that are "no longer based in an EU member state".



Posted 1st November 2017


Effect of Brexit under WTO Rules


Economic analysis of how this would affect our exports of goods.




Putting Brexit in historical context.


Take your pick: Cliff-edge or Pot-hole?



Posted 8th August 2017


The Economy


Daniel Hannan surveys our economic status post-referendum. I think he puts Mr Cable's views into some appropriate context.



Posted 6th August 2017




Lest you should think that we only show stuff here that supports Brexit, read this (courtesy of the totally unbiased BBC) from Vince Cable, paragon of straight-forward no nonsense analysis of the truth who only wants to say it like it is.



Posted 5th August 2017


Brexit Matters


David Kurten (leadership candidate): Brexit betrayal can spark UKIP revival


Brussels does not speak with one voice



Posted 5th June 2017


Good news for those worried about the effects of Brexit on the EU...


Customs Union / Single Market / Trade Agreement - the choice.


What would no deal mean for Financial Services?


Brexit Directives and all that...


How much will our divorce from the EU cost?


Over the Cliff!


There are more where the above came from, but that should be enough for now . . .



Posted 31st January 2017


The City

The City (as reported by the Telegraph) now " sees the light " of Brexit (what took them so long?).



Posted 20th January 2017



Ambrose Evans-Pritchard reports for the Telegraph (this is a premium article but you can register and read such for free on an occasional basis) 



Posted 17th December 2016


Damian Hinds

Our MP for East Hampshire sets out his views post-referendum.


The Truth Agenda

This one came in recently from left field (via my wife, who doesn't normally involve herself in matters politic):
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