Open Letter to Damian Hinds MP

(28/03/2019) The unwanted amendment to our exit date was passed last night. All of the "indicative votes" which should have pointed the way out of this mess failed. So the HoC has no idea where to go now, except that they are all absolutely determined not to go for the only deal that has always made sense - WTO. Watch Mark Francis MP as he sums up the state of play.




Dear Mr Hinds,


Does Mrs May's desperation know no bounds?


The Telegraph reports today (Monday) that without waiting for Parliament to approve an extension to Article 50, she has instructed Sir Tim Barrow to write to the EU agreeing an extension.


Such an action is to treat Her Majesty, Parliament and the law with contempt.


In Gina Miller's famous court case it was held that using prerogative powers to invoke Article 50 would be contrary to the existing intention of Parliament as expressed in the 1972 European Communities Act and would thus be unlawful.


In 2019 we therefore expect at a minimum that this legal precedent be observed. This would make it illegal to extend Article 50 by prerogative powers whilst the date of exit (29 March) as specified by Parliament in the EU Withdrawal Act remains unchanged. The procedure to change this date has also been laid down by Parliament and requires a Statutory Instrument to be approved by both houses of Parliament.


Thus in law, any extension "agreed" with the EU prior to amendment of the exit date by the procedure specified by Parliament must be deemed unlawful and struck down.


Will the Cabinet please tell Mrs May and the Civil Service that Ministers of the Crown cannot put Her Majesty in the position of riding roughshod over the law?


Jim Makin

UKIP East Hampshire

Brexit Review from Across the Pond . . .

Excellent Summary from UK Column

(20/03/2019) "Theresa May is just rubber-stamping whatever comes out of the Cabinet Office."


Our government in now  inverted - ministers of the Crown now obey civil servants led by the Cabinet Office, as set in motion by Tony Blair, fully supported by all subsequent prime ministers, and which can now clearly be seen to owe its allegiance not the UK, but to the EU.


Is not our Cabinet Office the UK equivalent of the European Commission, and our Parliament now every bit as toothless as the EU Parliament?

Up the Ante - Sign the Petition!

The List invites us all to sign their petition to uphold the constitution of the United Kingdom. It makes a well presented case in support. Sign now.

Also sign the declaration.

"Leave Voters Against Delaying Brexit"

(14/03/2019) Westmonster reports latest poll result.


Delay is not yet a given - Parliament must vote to change the law which implements article 50, and the EU has to reach unanimous agreement . . .

which if you watch the video below they will, whilst imposing huge costs on our exchequer for the privilege of remaining a while longer. So where would Chancellor Hammond get the money to pay for his promised no-no-deal bonanza?

Would the EU Economy Survive Brexit?

Who Governs?

This comprehensive ramble through the thickets of our Brexit travails is necessarily long but extremely illuminating. The Bruges Group always seemed to me to be somewhat academic, a bit remote and slightly too close to the Tory party, but of late their analysis has been compelling. Now this one comes along and I am rivetted to my screen. Well worth a read.

Students for Brexit

(12/03/2019) The Campaign for an Independent Britain highlights the huge support being shown for new grouping Students For Brexit.  We always knew that the "young people all support the EU" narrative was wrong, even if our academics were all fearful for their "EU funding" (now, where would the EU have got all that money from?). Good to see that our faith was not misplaced.

GB in Durham

Getting Despondent Yet?

(09/03/2019) For those of us who are beginning to wilt under the relentless onslaught of pathetic parliamentary posturings, John Redwood puts the record straight in his well-grounded diary. March 29th is coming - bring it on!

Brexit - Burying Bad News?

UKIP's own David Kurten highlights the probability that our Government will use the Brexit kerfuffle to slip through the Statutory Instrument (under the Children and Social Work Act 2017) that will make "Relationships Education" compulsory in primary schools and "Sex and Relationships Education" compulsory in secondary schools from September 2020. Parents will have no right to withdraw their children from these topics.


On the face of it "Sex education" is not involved at primary school level but the intricacies of the various laws (and the guidance from the Department of Education under Education Secretary Damian Hinds) mandate the inclusion "LGBT-inclusive" material to the primary school curriculum. How you do that without opening up the whole can of worms may be a bit of a problem . . .  our teachers have my sympathy.


Do read David's article - it's an eye-opener.


And this is not just a UK initiative . . . do watch this video:

Is Mrs May's Deal even Legal for the EU?

Whilst on the topic of legality, the Campaign for an Independent Britain points up some startling points of EU law which would seem to render "the deal" unlawful for the EU. Has it really come down to both Mrs May and the EU both attempting to drive a coach and horses through their own laws in order to impose an idiotic unworkable straightjacket on our future relationship?

How our Constitution Impacts Brexit

(28/02/2019) Click to read.

Worried about your Ratings?

(27/02/2019) Attracted to what we stand for but worried about what friends and family might think? This is for you!

Les Gilets Jaunes

Where Does our Money Go?

(16/02/2019) Whilst we wait for Parliament to make its mind up over Brexit, you might like to watch this BBC investigation into how our government (central and local) spend our hard-earned money. I suspect that it only scratches the surface . . .

How do we know that we are getting value for money?

WTO Reminder

(15/02/2019) As Mrs May continues to blunder on towards 29th March, I am please to highlight a thoughtful article in Independence Daily which assesses how the arguments over the WTO are being misrepresented in Parliament and elsewhere by those who should know better.


I have long thought that the need to stay close to the EU is fundamentally an emotional need born of long association, so that Brexit automatically imbues us with all the fear and worry that a major impending change inevitably inflicts upon us.


The only way to approach this is holistic - it is pointless to analyse individual situations in isolation, we must try to assess the effects upon the country and the population, maybe even on the world, as a whole. SInce for any one person his task is clearly beyond us, we fall back upon the 80 / 20 rule (identify the 20% of issues that really matter and ignore the rest), upon our intuition, and upon our faith, whereever that may direct us.


Now that the decision of 2016 has been taken, how much faith can we have in our country and its institutions? Equally to the point, how much faith can we still place in the institutions of the EU?


It is worth noting that even George Soros as reported in the Guardian has publicly shared his doubts about the latter . . .

What is Today's Politics About ?

(08/02/2019) This video is from across the pond, but how does politics in the UK differ? Now that the Brexit vote has in many ways shown up aspects of our politics that had previously been out of sight, out of mind, I am minded to think that things are not so different over here.

Readers may like to review the original article by Collective Evolution here.


Another video (courtesy of the Guardian) which "dissects America's 'fundamentally broken' campaign finance laws":

Topically, Transparency International publish their latest 2018 Corruption Perceptions Index, singling out none other than the United States of America (along with the Czech Republic and Brazil) as countries to watch. Reuters is on the case.


Also this week we highlight a Transparency International EU report on the seemingly unaccountable but evidently powerful Eurogroup (a meeting of the Euro area's finance ministers). Perhaps they have been reading Yanis Varoufakis.


It's good to see TI taking aim at some big beasts as well as criticizing the smaller fry. Who will be next on their hit list?

Mrs May's Deal

(01/02/2019) The campaign group GetBritainOut has helpfully summarised the worst points of Mrs May's EU Withdrawal Deal, which so far Parliament has declined to endorse.

Even if she now persuades the EU to fudge the Backstop issue, the deal will still keep us bound to the EU's diktat during "transition" in too many important areas.


"Transition to what?" they ask. A good question. Do we even know what transition is supposed to achieve?


We certainly don't know what kind of trade deal the EU will be prepared to negotiate - on past form it will not be acceptable to a country that is leaving the EU and we may have to revert to WTO terms anyway. We don't even have a firm end date for transition - given our track record on negotiating the comparatively simple withdrawal arrangement the negotiation (and transition) could go on for ever . . .


Mrs May's withdrawal deal even in modified format must not pass. Our democracy will not survive another year of calamitous negotiation / capitulation by Mrs May,  accompanied by more interminable Project Fear - the Tories would be mad to contemplate it.

Open Rebellion?

Defence Update from VfB

(28/01/2019 Veterans for Britain are highlighting the Defence giveaway to the EU which is quietly under way under cover of the current shenanigans in Parliament.


Are our MPs following this? They are almost certainly too wrapped up in the convolutions surrounding the Withdrawal treaty to notice. The government isn't encouraging them to ferret around on Defence agreements, which have been kept separate from our Withdrawal - that alone tells us all we need to know.


For more see our Defence page.

Good Sense from North of the Border

Gilets Jaunes

(22/01/2019) Reports from France in the UK media seem to be fading but this image from UK Column News of Monday 21st January reports the severe injuries that have been suffered by protesters across the Channel:

77 of 94 injuries are to the head. Most of them from LBDs: "lanceur de balles de défense" - roughly the equivalent of rubber bullets. Does this not imply a consistently high aim?


UKIP are used to being labelled as "far right" in the UK, but who are the real "far right" in France?

And Lord Pearson Says it Eloquently

More Good Reasons to Leave . . .





Click image to play

Entrapment Avoided - for Now

(17/01/2019) Now that Mrs May's EU Entrapment Deal has been well and truly slaughtered, and her abysmal so-called government has survived the ritual no-confidence motion, the media are full of dark mutterings about delaying our exit beyond the end of March until somebody can think how to reconcile the irreconcilable.


RT have given Gerard the chance to say the unsayable truth below. Is Gerard now so abominable that the UK media cannot bring themselves to interview him? What does that say about "free speech" and "open politics" in the ever more dysfunctional society that our Government has been busy constructing?

The Fork in the Road Beckons

(14/01/2019) Parliament votes (again!) tomorrow (Tuesday 15th Jan) on Mrs May's EU entrapment (supposedly "withdrawal") deal, amid much talk of "suspending" Article 50, and rerunning the referendum to ask should we accept Mrs May's EU entrapment deal or simply stay in the EU.


If they go down this route then Parliament will have abrogated the sovereignty of the people in favour of the sovereignty of Parliament (in effect the sovereignty of the EU) with consequences that we cannot foretell but which will be immense.


We are talking about the end of the United Kingdom as a nation, the end of our independent armed forces (and nuclear deterrent), our independent foreign and trade policy, and in effect every other vestige of independent government. They would have us ruled by the EU until it collapses, either through war, fianancial armageddon, or other disaster.


The example of Greece reveals the true nature of the EU - it places the protection and further aggrandisement of "the project" and of the EU elites above everything.


We must consider whither that will lead. The clip below from the end of today's UK Column News puts our situation well:

Finally, the Campaign for an Independent Britain gives us a very timely reminder of just how and why Mrs May's deal amounts to entrapment.

WTO is the Solution, not the Problem

(08/01/2019) Global Britain has collaborated with Labour Leave to publish an excellent report explaining exactly why a Brexit on WTO terms would be very much in our best interests, and how its over-hyped image as a bogey-man to be avoided at all costs is greatly exaggerated. 


OK, there would be some level of short term disruption (given that our Government's negotiation has still left all the options up in the air even after two years of dedicated work to provide "certainty"), but freedom of action outside the diktats of the EU would place us in a far better position to negotiate the many problems that beset the world (both now and in the future) and would open up important opportunities that are currently closed off by our EU membership. 


This joint report is a must-read.


For those still concerned that our Treasury's predictions indicate a much worse situation should we leave the EU "without a deal" (ie: on WTO terms), Brexit Central has published a critique of their past performance and current methodology.


As always, make your own mind up on the basis of the evidence.

The Left Case Against the EU

(01/01/2019) And by no means of interest only to left-leaning persons. This is a wide-ranging and accessible discussion of the EU today: how it came about, how it works, how it doesn't work, and where we go from here. You are sure to learn something significant from it. Highly recommended.

WTO Terms Petition Surging!

(08/01/2019) Now in excess of 300 thousand signatures.


(18/12/2018) The petition to Leave without a deal has gone from 130K to 217K in one day! If you have not yet done so, sign it here.


The government's immortal words of response so far include "leaving without a deal would risk uncertainty for the ecomony, for business and for citizens".


So how much certainty have their feeble efforts so far produced?


If they had stated their intention to leave on WTO terms in 2016 or even 2017 everyone would have had certainty in abundance and "the economy, business and citizens" would have had two years to sort out the implications - it would by comparison with today's shambles have been plain sailing.

WTO terms is till the only sensible way to salvage this gross betrayal of the Brexit vote. WTO is the solution, not the problem that the fear-mongers would still have us believe. 

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