Meanwhile at the Franco British Council

(30/09/2018) The FBC has been forging ahead integrating British forces with French (and thus EU) forces as if the Brexit vote never happened. British troops now wear the EU armband in Bosnia and the FBC Defence Conference took place on 19/20 September 2018 as scheduled - when / if the proceedings are published we will link to them on our FBC page. Meanwhile UK Column have summarised what they think is going on here. The omens are not auspicious . . .

May gets Both Barrels from Bojo

(28/09/2018) Credit where credit is due - Boris gives a masterly exposition of where we are, how we got here, and where he thinks we should go now (non-subscribers may need to register for free). He hasn't quite caught up yet with the UKIP approach, but he's a lot closer to our position than Mrs May.  


His approach offers probably the best (and last) chance for the Tories to retrieve a half-decent Brexit from Mrs May's calamitous series of entirely deliberate and destructive capitulations. The Tories would be well advised to demand that she adopt his proposals, and to replace her promptly if she will not let go of the corpse of Chequers.


If they don't, they cannot expect to be elected again.

More from Conference

(28/09/2018) Sharon Binks tells it how it is with regard to sex crimes in her locality ("how could the main-stream media not be all over this?"), and the seemingly obligatory perverse response of our law-enforcement and social support agencies ("I was sacked for 'religious discrimination'").


This earlier report (below) from the BBC provides some context from another area.


More excellent conference speeches here on various other topics.

Conference 2018

(23/09/2018) Overall an excellent occasion! Good setting at the ICC, many excellent speeches, and most importantly, very well-received. Clearly the highlight of them all was Gerard's key-note speech in which he clearly and methodically summarised how we got here, where we are, and how we intend to progress. His speech is a model of clarity and directness.

The other main event was the release of the new UKIP Interim Manifesto. If you do nothing else then do watch Gerard's presentation and scan through the manifesto - and if you would like to comment, use our Contact page.

Why WTO Rules would be Advantageous

(18/09/2018) Brexit Central fields an article by an Australian former chairman of GATT - maybe it takes an Aussie to tell it like it is these days - well worth reading. If Theresa should succeed in tying us into the EU for the forseeable future as she intends, then the Tories will reap the whirlwind and Britain will be immeasurably the poorer.


We will have been well and truly stitched up, and our democracy may not recover for many years, if it recovers at all. The Tories should remember that elections tend to be lost rather than won, and that Theresa certainly has form in this regard.

(Video courtesy of the Bruges Group - a mine of sensible information on Brexit. Is this really alarmist? It's your decision.)

(11/09/2018) We've been here before but Professor Patrick MInford reminds us exactly why he considers that WTO rules would be not only perfectly acceptable but quite possibly the best of the three variants currently receiving attention in the media (Free Trade agreement, "Canada Plus", and WTO rules).

Tommy Robinson

(11/09/2018) CORRECTION: It seems that our Party Chairman has jumped the gun and fallen foul of the rule-book. So the revised intent is that the motion will be "presented at the next earliest opportunity via the correct channels". 


(10/09/2018) There is a move afoot to permit Tommy Robinson to join UKIP. It is likely to be voted upon at Conference.


As somebody who has clearly heard of Tommy Robinson but otherwise knows little about him other than that he is controversial, ex English Defence League (and therefore currently disqualified from joining UKIP) and appears if reports are to be believed to court trouble with the establishment, I will have to do some research before deciding whether to vote for or against such a motion.


The following video (published March 2015) shows Tommy addressing the Oxford Union. Hear it from the horse's mouth and judge for yourself.


Sideshow Brexit?

(05/09/2018) Jean-Claude seems to have other things on his mind as he prepares for his forthcoming State of the EU speech on 12th September. No doubt if as Boris surmises in the Telegraph "the fix is in" then Brexit is proceeding as planned, so no worries.

EUFOR - EU Army - Paras Deploy

(05/09/2018) Our Government, aided by much silence from our media, continues the low key incorporation of our remaining armed forces into the "EU army" (of NIck Clegg's fantasy) as NATO hands over to EUFOR. Brexit? What Brexit? More details on our Defence page.

And After Brexit (of whatever stripe)?

Plain Speaking from UKIP

Plain Speaking from Down Under

(25/08/2018) Angus Taylor has done us all a favour by his plain speaking - he deserves a fair hearing. We could do with some similar clear thinking in the UK (acknowledging that it would probably not lead to exactly the same conclusions).

Freedom - of Dissociation?

(26/08/2018) The Institute of Economic Affairs publishes a booklet entitled "Opting Out - Conscience and Cooperation in a Pluralistic Society".


Well worth a read for those concerned about the direction of secular government policy in our time of high immigration, with all its concomitant growth in our cultural and religious diversity. 

80% of Population Growth is due to . . .

(24/08/2018) You guessed it - immigration. The latest report from Migration Watch has the figures, based on recent figures from the ONS.


They also have an analysis of the use of ICTs (Inter-Company Transfer) visas which have reportedly been used to allow in large numbers of IT contractors - full details here.  The effect is to reduce costs for the IT companies who employ these foreign contractors and to reduce salaries for UK-based IT consultants . . . and to deprive the Government of NI contributions!


Nevertheless the Government seems happy to let this continue, even though the majority of visas seem to be issued to Companies headquartered overseas. So how does the UK benefit, when it seems clear that the reduced costs from using overseas contractors translate into reduced income for the Government and increased profits for the overseas-based IT companies?

The "Cliff Edge" Delusion

(21/08/2018) The media being busy rolling out Project Fear II, Lawyers for Britain put the record straight on why trading under WTO rules should actually lead to lower prices for food and continuing supply of medicines, business as usual in fact. Still, we mustn't let common sense get in the way of a good scare story must we? Besides, our sulky government may decide to punish us all by raising the tariffs on imported goods after we leave rather than lowering them . . . and generally behave so as to frustrate the will of the people. Not so long ago I would have said that such a proposition should be laughed out of court, but now I think all bets may be off.

Join the Tories to Force a clean Brexit?

(19/08.2018) Yesterday (Saturday) morning we held a UKIP stall in Petersfield square again, both to fly the flag for the party and to demonstrate that we are still on the case for Brexit. We were accosted at one point by an enthusiastic gentleman who was keen that as many as possible should join the Tory party and force Brexit from within.


Now, I'm as enthusiastic as the next man for any idea that will bring a clean Brexit within reach, but it seems to me that there are flaws in his argument, and the main one is that unlike UKIP (who removed Henry Bolton as  the direct result of grass-roots' insistence) the Tories have no need to pay any attention to their membership because their main funding comes from elsewhere. So for those who join, Central Office will pocket their membership fee, probably without a "thank you", and will ignore them thenceforth just as existing grass-roots have been ignored for years.


This argument is explored more fully here.


Each to their own, and I would always encourage anyone to do what they think best for Brexit, but I'll be staying with UKIP. When last I looked we were at 8% in the polls and membership is rising. We may well soon be in striking distance of the 12.6% vote we achieved at our General ELection height in 2015 - enough to be considerable thorn in the Tory side once again (and a sea-change from the miserable result that befell me in the Bell Hill by-election earlier this year!).


British politics is changing. The truth about the way we are governed is now out and cannot be put back in the bottle. The British public is awakening and who knows for which parties votes will be cast next time?

Tory Duplicity . . . ?

(17/08/2018) There are those who think so. "Stench" and "treachery" are hard words, but they are becoming difficult to argue against.


Who knew what and when? They should all go, including any civil servants, whose job cannot ever involve knowingly condoning such duplicity.


Anyone guilty of treason should be put on a charge and brought before the courts.

European Arrest Warrant

(17/08/2018) Our readers will probably be aware that "despite Brexit" our Tory Government is intent on keeping the EAW post-"Brexit" (or BRINO as it seems we will get). Despite the government's promise to remove us from the jurisdiction of the ECJ, the EAW allows any person in the UK to be summarily extradited to face any EU country's system of justice (I was going to say "court", but you could be held pending investigation for many months before being brought before a court in the EU).


This promise to free us from the jurisdiction of the ECJ is therefore hog-wash whilst the EAW rules in the UK - you can simply be summarily extradited.


The actual implications of this over the past years have been investigated by the Due Process campaign, and the report makes for interesting reading. 

Another Sign of the Times

(16/08/2018) BBC news (and other media) report today that students have achieved a rise in top A level grades. The Telegraph also highlights that the "new tougher A levels" require some remarkably low pass-marks to achieve a "top grade".  Make of this what you will . . .

Euro - a Warning from Italy

(15/08/2018) Financial turmoil in Turkey is ringing the alarm bells in Italy Spain and Portugal, whose financial systems are judged to be at higher risk from any default in Turkey, and whose bonds are attracting a lower price (higher yield) as a result. The economic spokesman of Italy's ruling League party reportedly wants the ECB to cap the yield spreads (differences) between the bonds of different Euro-zone governments (although it is unclear how this might be paid for - good luck with that one). 


See our page on The Euro for a simplified view of how the single currency may be considered dysfunctional.

Over-Hyped and Over-Budget? Yes, HS2

(12/08/2018) Madeleine Grant of the Institute of Economic Affairs updates us on the still spiralling costs - what does it take for a politician to cancel a white elephant project?

Redwood Rebuffs the Prime Minister

(11/08/2018) John Redwood responds to Mrs May's letter to Conservative Party members. A very readable analysis and a fine example of tip-toeing around an accusation that most of us would put more bluntly. 

Why the fuss over Bojo's Burqas?

(11/08/2018) The papers have been wallowing in the fake furore over Boris' seemingly uncontroversial comments on the hiding of Muslim ladies beneath unsuitable clothing. Conspiracy theorists among us of course are now looking for the stories that are thus pushed out of the headlines, and here we have two for your consideration:


Mail On-Line 2nd August  The Times 4th August 


Now, which subject is more worthy of whipping up a furore: BoJo's comments re Burqas or the ongoing effective enslavement of young girls by being married off either against their will or by taking advantage of their dependent status?


It's not as though we haven't known about these problems for some time. What did Mrs May do about them during her stint at the Home Office? The ongoing willful blindness on the part of our authorities seems destined to turn many more of us into conspiracy theorists.

A Timely Reminder

(02/08/2018) Contrary to initial impressions this is not just about immigration - although that certainly features. It concerns the viability of the EU itself, weighed down as it is by imposed dysfunctional policies and growing EU-scepticism across the board. The EU cannot survive in practical terms without the willing concensus of its member nations, and that seems vanishingly unlikely in the near term.

Tommy Robinson (again)

(02/08/2018) SInce I have commented previously on this matter it is appropriate in the wake of the recent Court of Appeal judgement (which resulted in Tommy's release on bail pending retrial) to point up an analysis of the affair by the "Secret Barrister". Whilst (as he admits) he is not above making errors, I suspect he is a lot closer to the reality than many commentators.

Nothing is Agreed until Everything is Agreed?

(31/07/2018) The Times reports that Mrs May has "privately" agreed  powers for the ECJ over aspects of the withdrawal agreement (inclusive of our £39 billion "exit fee"). The Sun also carries the story. 


The EU (and nbr 10) are keen to wrap up the withdrawal agreement (see page 35 for sequencing) ASAP, leaving the final trade deal still to be negotiated during the course of the "transition" period. The two-step arrangement is "required" in order to comply with the EU's negotiating plan.


It is true that the "withdrawal agreement" must include an agreed "framework" for post-Brexit trading arrangements, but a "framework" falls a long way short of a full deal.


The commitment to pay the EU £39 billion is part of the withdrawal agreement, and according to these reports this sum would be paid regardless of any success or failure to negotiate the final post-Brexit trade deal - any dispute  being "arbitrated" by the ECJ. 


In this circumstance, "nothing is agreed until everything is agreed" is just a smoke-screen - the EU will get its $39 billion pay-off (plus all other agreements in the withdrawal agreement) regardless of any eventual trade deal or none.


Read a forensic analysis here.


Mrs May is ever more obviously a willing pawn in the EU's stuff-Brexit strategy.

Don't just sit there - Sign the Petition!

(18th July 2017) The List has set up a petition to the 1922 Committee to replace Mrs May now. This is the time to exert maximum pressure on our confused Parliamentarians - "every little helps".

Is this Shambles an Accident ...?

(16th July2018) The Campaign for an Independent Britain asks the questionthat so many have refrained from asking in public ... until now.

May Breaks Cover

(17th July 2018) Today I see that the Sun reports that the benighted Department for Exiting the EU, in addition to losing its Ministers through resignation, is now losing its civil servants to Olly Robbins ... obviously there is nothing for the department to do any longer. Might one be right to assume that we are not leaving after all? Dominic Raab must be pleased - I hope they've left him somebody to make his tea. And best of all, Mrs May will still have someone to carry the can should it all go horribly wrong. I'd get out now Dominic, if I were you.


(16th July 2018) For a Prime Minister to marshall her cabinet to agree a negotiating position on Brexit and then to go to the EU and negotiate on that basis would be normal; but for a Prime Minister to discuss her proposals with Mrs Merkel and then to return and brow-beat her cabinet to accept the result is unconscionable. Not to mention the sidelining of her own minister for exiting the EU. You couldn't make it up. 


Meanwhile Opinium Research report that UKIP support is growing daily - now on 8% (up 5 points since last month, Tories down 6 points on same timescale). This is remarkable.


Read the latest speech by UKIP Leader Gerard Batten here - made appropriately enough on Bastille Day, 14th July, at the Free Tommy Robinson rally in Whitehall. 


UKIP is not merely about Brexit - the real battle is for Freedom, in all its inseparable forms, and it is just beginning.

UKIP Gears Up

(14 July 2018) We remind the voters of East Hampshire that we are on the case until we leave EU. Sadly, only UKIP can be trusted on BREXIT.


(13th July 2018) Copyright considerations prevent me from commenting on a prominent item on page 7 in today's Telegraph - it doesn't appear to be listed on their web-site so I cannot link to it. I had thought that it related to the banned demo noted below, but actually it related to a different event on the same day.


(8th July 2018) July 14th is the day that Donald Trump will visit London. Copious demonstrations are both planned and widely reported to show him how much he is hated over here - by Londoners at any rate. The Spectatorcomments appropriately on this.


Nobody however would know that there was also a planned demo to welcome Trump as the President of the USA and our closest ally - that is until the Metropolitan Police banned it from showing up "anywhere south of the Thames" which would make it entirely pointless. Fortunately UKIP Daily was on the case so we know about this, but I don't see any of the main media outlets reporting it.


I'm offering a bottle of English bubbly to the first member of the public (ie: not a UKIP branch committee member) to prove me wrong and guide me to a report of this ban in the mainstream media published prior to 10th July!

No Surprise

(9th July 2018) The "Worst of All Worlds" solution  beckons . . .  read this analysis of Mrs May's latest capitulation by And this oneby the Institute of Economic Affairs.


(8th July 2018) To the surprise of just about nobody, the Cabinet has supported Mrs May's latest wheeze to prolong the Brexit agony. She has given away as much as she dared to give away in one hit, but more independence will doubtless be salami-sliced later during the exit "negotiations" when M. Barnier reminds her that the EU needs total rather than partial surrender. This is one circus that will run and run - how do we know? -  Mrs May has already agreed with the EU that the UK will keep its MEPs if somehow we don't leave in March 2019 ...

Cicero had some relevant advice about our situation.


Gerard Batten also.

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