EU Parliamentary Election Meeting 15th May

The meeting welcomed Daryl Pitcher, EU MEP Candidate for the UK Independence Party.

Daryll is a long-standing member of UKIP. He ran many by-elections for the party under Nigel Farage and has been involved in up to three dozen elections all told. He also served four years as an Isle of Wight councillor, before joining deputy leader Mike Hookem MEP as his parliamentary assistant in Brussels, thus getting a first-hand view of EU parliamentary workings.

Asked why are we having the EU election, he stated that we should have repealed the 1972 Communities Act and declared that we were leaving under our laws, instead of invoking Article 50 and attempting to negotiate an exit agreement with an EU that can afford neither to lose our financial support nor to see the UK prosper outside its control. As it is, when October comes around there will likely be yet another extension granted so that we can continue to pay into the EU’s coffers. "The Brussels Commission are laughing at us".

Asked about the EU election methodology, he explained how the d’Hondt system works to produce a fairly close approximation of proportional representation.

On the matter of the “Irish Backstop”, he advised that this was a politically crafted obstacle confected by the EU and promoted as insurmountable by Leo Varadkar (despite the previous Taoiseach Enda Kelly considering it a minor issue amenable to technical solution).

Asked whether MEPs are not just a waste of time since they merely rubber-stamp decisions of the Commission, he agreed. In his opinion the EU Parliament is a smokescreen to make it appear that the EU is Democratic, whereas the truth is that MEPs are effectively paid to support the Commission rather than to represent their constituents.

(JM 19/05/2019)

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