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(30/05/2020) . . .  is primarily for the medical aspects of the Covid-19 pandemic.


Clearly the political aspects are equally if not more important and very likely longer-lasting - these will be followed primarily on our home page blog along with other political matters.


(06/07/2020) See also this site: -                              Questioning Covid


(29/07/2020) Having said that, this article from Hillsdale College in the USA resonates with the situation here in the UK: 


"By now it is impossible to attribute the media’s failure to publicize the facts about the coronavirus to mere oversight."


"But to care about the economy is to care about human life, since the economy is how life is sustained."


Even if our situation in the UK is a little less extreme, I think this article still applicable.

Is Testing Reliable?

(01/07/2020) This is a critical question, since Covid-19 symptoms are not specific to Covid-19. In fact they are also applicable to many other ailments, including other coronavirses (common cold), flu, and other miscellaneous "flu-like" (a categorisation used by Public Health England as a catch-all for all similar ailments including Covid-19 for statistical reporting purposes), and even pneumonia and radiation sickness!


The PCR tests being widely used to identify "Covid-19" infection were never invented for diagnostic purposes, so are being straight-up misused when applied for diagnostic purposes. It is reported that even the inventor of this test had stated that it should not be used for diagnosis. Read more about it. Draw your own conclusions.

Covid-19 - What is it? - What to do about it?

(13/04/2020) This little video (a composite of clips from several different offerings) covers one possibility for what this Covid-19 illness might be and indeed how it might be working, where it came from, how the testing works (or may not), and how the measures that have been implemented around the world seem to be making out. The implications are truly significant.


I can't say what is really going on here, but I think we should all be aware of this reasonably authoritative analysis.

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(12/05/2020) And this recent one from Prof. Dolores Cahill talking to the Computing Forever channel:

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Too late - they've deplatformed it!


Watch it here instead . . .


And hear the story according to Dave Cullen - this is about censorship rather than Covid per se, but by playing at censorship "they" indicate that the Covid story is by no means merely a medical story. As always, make up your own mind.


(11/08/2020) This thoughtful piece by AIER examines the various ways in which countries around the world have approached the Covid conundrum via lock-downs and other measures - well worth reading, so I won't spoil it by anticipating their conclusions.

(11/08/2020) There were reports from France in March about the effectiveness of Covid treatments based around the safe inexpensive and long-established drug hydroxychloroquine. Since then many thousands (mostly elderly) have died worldwide because the world's medical establishments refused to listen (at best) and/or used "unscientific" trials to discount this drug (at worst). So what is the truth?


I find this article particularly compelling in its comprehensive analysis - but many will not be prepared to consider the stark implications (including as they apply to "our" UK authorities). What do you think?

(05/08/2020) Now that the initial Covid reality has largely played out (as opposed to our government's political reaction), Daniel Hannan reviews where we are and how we got here.


See more comment on the political situation on our home page. Are the politics really being guided by "the science" or by something else, and if so, what?


Looking forward to what comes next, it is clear that we will be "recommended" to take one of the new Covid genetic technology vaccines, which will insert a new bit of genetic material into our cells so that our own cells can create the virus to which we want immunity.  What could possibly go wrong? Is this why the vaccine companies are all demanding that governments provide indemnity from prosecution for any resulting vaccine damage?


Watch this informative snippet about the proposed coronavirus vaccines from a Clive de Carle interview with Dr Andrew Kaufman:


(31/07/2020) Here is a concise reference list pointing to the scientific evidence concerning the effectiveness of masks in stopping viral infection. If you know of more showing different results, please contact me.

(09/06/2020) Now that the initial Covid situation has largely played out, this is a useful discussion about how we got here, what has happened so far, and where it may now be going as an epidemic (if anywhere).

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(15/06/2020) Just when we thought we might be beginnjng to get a better handle on Covid, along comes this article in the Telegraph, pointing out that antibodies are but the last line of Mother Nature's defences and that a lack of antibodies may simply indicate that the initial lines of defence were all that was required to defeat an infection.


Well, who would have thought that Mother Nature didn't wait for modern medicine before setting up her in-depth virus defences? Maybe Bill Gates should pay attention . . .   the rest of us definitely should, although it's hard to see Big Pharma ever advising us that Mother Nature might indeed be perfectly capable to take care of it - after all it only appeared at the tail-end of last year, so how could she possibly?


Perhaps it's time to remember how superbly capable Mother Nature is, realise how little we seem to understand her methods nowadays, and stop worrying about hugely expensive / disruptive test and trace policies since it appears that such systems may be being building on sand?

(24/06/2020) Nobody loves Hydroxychloroquine! Is the FDA pulling it's approval for Hydroxychloroquine for good reason or bad? Was the UK study using a lethal dose of this drug? Why were they not using the dosage that proponents of this drug were using in their trials?


Del Bigtree is on the case:

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One from Left Field

(24/06/2020) This item is a very thought-provoking contribution to the whole virus debate, including the Covid debate. It is not in accord with current medical thinking, but is it right? It's something to bear in mind.

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Bill Gates?

(16/06/2020) The name of Bill Gates seems to be everywhere where global health is concerned, so . . .    who is he?


And is it a healthy situation where one (largely unaccountable and very very wealthy) man has such a vast range of interests in world health?

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Is Covid-19 a Major Problem in the UK?

(02/07/2020) This report from the BBC summarises the current Covid situation in the UK as of 1st July.


The noteworthy figures are the numbers of new deaths form all causes (a lagging indicator) have now reverted to the normal 5 years average (ie: no significant difference from normal expectation) and new confirmed cases  falling to single digit numbers per 100,000 of population over the majority of  the country (albeit with a very few hotspots with in excess of 100 new confirmed cases per 100,000) - note the important distinction that these are confirmed cases, not necessarily even cases of illness let alone hospitalisations or deaths. Given the higher rates of testing (and ignoring worries about test accuracy) we would expect higher numbers of cases reported.


So what purpose does lockdown still serve?


* * *

(19/06/2020) We heard in the early days (11th March) that the use of Chloroquine / Hydroxychloroquine (in conjunction with zinc supplementation and/or other drugs) could prevent Covid-19 from developing into a serious problem requiring hospitalisation, but since then despite all the noise and trials and fake news it seems that "our" NHS has still to check out the trials that were already done in France by Prof Didier Raoult, one of "the world's most published microbiologists".


President Trump himself was later at the forefront in drawing attention to the claimed successes of this treatment, so the NHS (and WHO) can't surely still be unaware of it? So why the extreme reluctance to run the appropriate trials, or to allow such trials to run to conclusion?


As so often, UK Column has the sorry story here.


The BBC is now reporting (as is Boris Johnson) the great NHS success story that deaths in hospital among Covid patients on ventilators can be cut by one third (and deaths of patients on oxygen can be cut by one fifth) by use of the steroid dexamethasone.


But surely a very inexpensive treatment such as chloroquine, that could be prescribed early, would prevent the need for hospitalisation in most instances, has a decades-long track record of safety when used at established dosage levels, and would reportedly have a success rate closer to 100% than 30%, would have been vastly preferable?


* * *

(23/05/2020) This one is from across the pond but - as far as I can see his analysis is just as applicable over here as over there. Our immune system is not and never has been dependent upon drugs and vaccines - it depends upon good diet, good lifestyle, positive and generous outlook, and practice - ie: exposure to germs and viruses!

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* * *

(16/05/2020) Sherrelle Jacobs in the Telegraph nailed it two days ago: 'Every day we are besieged with such a selective and biased artillery of "scientific assertions" that it makes a mockery of expert insight'.  Do read her report.


She also rightly points out that nobody seems to be worrying about the excess deaths being caused as the indirect effect of lock-down - not easily counted perhaps but certainly inevitable.


In case you think this an unqualified opinion piece, the Telegraph doubles down with another report from "the boss of a top software firm" giving his view of the Neil Ferguson model. He doesn't pull any punches.


My conclusion is that this is now every bit as much a political emergency as a medical one. What started off as an ordinary epidemic is fast morphing into a political crisis. With countries around the world now lifting lock-downs, how long will our leaders insist on being guided by "the science" of such ill-repute?


* * *

(13/04/2020) Now we have to acknowledge that nobody can prove whether lock-down has had any specific effect on the numbers of people falling foul of the "virus" or not, but we do have to bear in mind that since the incubation period has been estimated as varying between 2 days to 2 weeks, then any effect of lock-down is likely only becoming apparent in the last two weeks.


That said, have helpfully put together a graphic which shows how the reported UK deaths from Covid-19 rank against deaths from other conditions. Now let's acknowledge that this organisation may be connecting too many dots when they imply that Coronavirus is all about keeping us in or under the influence of the EU (though I don't doubt that some people will be trying to use it for that purpose).


Covid-19 is a world-wide phenomenon which seems to be being used by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation to further his interests in vaccinating as many of the world's population as possible (maybe with the support of many governments or government / UN agencies).


* * *


(26/04/2020) In the UK the government is advised by the UK Vaccines Network, which is "made up of leading experts from academia, industry and policy. All members are invited to join the Network in a personal capacity, not as representatives of specific organisations or bodies" - so the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation  won't have any influence here will they?


* * *


(29/04/2020) This Letter to the Prime Minister (published at the end of April) is included here because it is a comprehensive document that covers all the bases. As at 21st May you can still sign it!


You may find the video below of interest. As always, make up your own mind.

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* * *

(09/05/2020) More food for thought . . .   Yup, from the same source as the above:

The Questions


Are those who set world health policy and persuade world governments to support their world health initiatives the very same NGOs foundations and corporations who benefit from the $/£/€billions of taxpayer money that is then collected by those governments?

Who monitors how all these billions are spent?

Are our MPs asleep at the wheel?


Click Image to play video

* * *


(17/05/2020) This young lady has now been exploring a few of the global connections behind some of the influential members of our own UK SAGE committee whose make-up has recently been revealed:

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What Have we Learned So Far?

(18/05/2020) Some people think that the Coronavirus restrictions are a bit arbitrary . . .   UK Column checks out the validity of these assumptions that are ruling lock-down behaviour:

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(13/05/2020) Now that the government has relaxed the lock-down by introducing a few piffling adjustments, it has become clear that they either want to trash the economy with all that that implies, or they have become so scared by their own rhetoric that they dare not contemplate any substantial change, or they are so in awe of SAGE that they have totally failed to notice that their experts don't seem able to produce a coherent balanced route out of lockdown that will serve the interests of the country at large, or indeed the interests of anybody outside the medical establishment.


Ben Habib puts it well at Facts 4 EU.


On this site our view is simple: the lock-down was imposed when comparatively little was known about covid-19 and the sensible decision to err on the side of safety was taken in order to blunt the progress of the virus and protect the NHS from being overwhelmed.


Those objectives have now been met.


It is time to put SAGE back in its box, protect the vulnerable, and let everyone else get back to work. 

(11/05/2020) Horrific Implications of Lock-Down

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We hear a great deal about Covid but nothing about the tragedy unfolding on the economic front. I salute Houndog Steve for redressing this balance.

(09/05/2020) A comprehensive deep dive into the Covid-19 situation - long of necessity but very highly recommended:

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More food for thought - as always, make up your own mind:

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(07/05/2020) Latest news about the Imperial College model (that predicted over half a million UK deaths and persuaded Boris to lock-down the nation) has surfaced (16/05/2020 - the Telegraph finally catches up with this situation - although they hid it under "Tech"!).


IC have released a sanitized version of their code, previously never made public, for peer review.


A seasoned IT professional has published her review here.


As a seasoned IT professional (since 1966) myself, I relate very much to her findings - if her comments are a true reflection of Prof. Ferguson's modelling then it cannot be considered reliable - period.


By IC's own admission it had been developed over many years (ie: grown like Topsy), had become difficult to maintain, and was unfit for publication. It was of totally unsuitable quality for the purpose for which it was being used. If such a model is required then a proper specification should be drawn up and a new model developed and tested to latest methods and standards.


My feeling however is that in trying to model so many different aspects of our national life and to pull all these together into a single humungous whole, it may never in practice catch up with ever-developing reality. How could it's continued relevance to our real and changing world ever be adequately tested and verified (prior to the next pandemic)?


It is time that we treated our academics and scientists as the flawed human beings that we all are, and stopped deifying them as the all-knowing scientists that we know they cannot be.


It's worth reminding ourselves that even after three months of Coronavirus (which emerged in China in December) our "scientists" (root: Latin, scio, I know) still cannot agree on whether recovery from covid-19 confers immunity. Go figure.

(06/05/2020) Latest news from Germany:

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On 26 April, One News Now reported that "Dr. Anthony Fauci, whose “expert” advice to President Trump has resulted in the complete shutdown of the greatest economic engine in world history, has known since 2005 that chloroquine is an effective inhibitor of coronaviruses".

Now that's not the same as saying that it definitely inhibits this latest Covid-19 pandemic, but it does give a rather strong hint don't you think? So why did a belated "clinical trial" of hydroxychloroquine (run under Dr Fauci's supervision) come to the opposite conclusion? Del Bigtree has been on the case:

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This is important - the NHS is run by the pronouncements of the CDC, FDA and WHO, so if they don't support this inexpensive medicine, that means that the NHS will pay a great deal more money for a less effective drug championed by the medical establishment, such as Remdesivir . . .  Del Bigtree again:

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If Del is right, then many Brits are dying because our NHS is denying patients the appropriate medication, and lock-down is being needlessly extended with dreadful damage to our economy.


We first reported the views of Prof. Didier Raoult of Mediterranee Infection Foundation on the efficacy of Hydroxychloroquine on 11th March (see our Home page)  - so why are we still arguing about this?


And more to the point, is it time that we started to check out whether the members of our SAGE advisory panel have conflicts of interest through associations with "big pharma" (eg: Glaxo Smith Kline) and certain philanthropic foundations that seem to have an unhealthy compulsion towards vaccinating the world and his dog?

(30/04/2020) A useful update from The Highwire (25 mins). Is the UK so different from the USA?

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Now of course the above video relates to the USA, and whilst we may sensibly conclude that the UK situation is or is not necessarily the same as in the USA, are there any reputable UK-based articles? Well, the Spectator published this article from Dr John Lee on 28th March, when he was already concerned that the reaction of our authorities might be disproportionate. Well worth reading.


This is one a number of articles he has published since the pandemic (and lock-down) struck. He covers a lot of ground very thoughtfully in my view, so I recommend browsing through them, as he raises many points that certainly had not occured to me.


As always, make up your own mind and find your own sources where you have time. It's quite true that I look out for those articles that present a different perspective from those in the mainstream media - the mainstream need no assistance from me to make their views available.

How Does Covid Compare to Flu?

(27/04/2020) Dr Erickson from California crunches the numbers and applies his scientific training. He compares the overall statistics now available with the typical flu profile in the US.


He also considers the impacts of the lock-downs that have become clearer over the last few weeks, and explains how our immune systems work, and how lock-down likely affects our immune systems.


Dr Erickson works directly with his patients, so these are the practical views of a doctor on the ground.

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(28/04/2020) Well, that didn't last long did it?!


Why would anyone have an interest in suppressing a popular view-point from qualified practitioners at the covid-19 "coal face"?


Never mind, we have (courtesy of Fox News) the relevant extract from the original 50 minute recording, plus some associated comment from Tucker Carlson:

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Can you Catch it Again if you've Already Had it?

(05/05/2020) The South Korean Centre for Disease Control confirm that this is not possible.


However, it's not clear from this article whether the WHO agrees with this position or not.

Lock Down?

(23/04/2020) Why is Sweden treating the Covid problem differently? Swedish expert Prof. Johan Giesecke is interviewed on this difficult topic.

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Follow the Money . . .

Global Research has checked out who funds the WHO and comes to a surprising conclusion - the biggest funders may not be The USA and China, but the Bill and Melina Gates network of NGOs and others with connections to Big Pharma.


'Today the WHO is primarily financed not by UN member governments, but by what is called a “public-private partnership” . . . '


Global Research also publishes an article on post-pandemic "Lock Step" - how national authorities may exploit a pandemic panic to increase their control over their populations. We must all judge for ourselves how relevant such an article may be to the current situation.


(20/04/2020) An independent commentator in Ireland puts his point of view:

Strange Effects Reported by "Covid-19" Sufferers

(15/04/2020) The MailOnline (11 April) reports some "Covid19" sufferers describing "fizzing" and "buzzing" sensations under their skin. This is anecdotal of course, but interesting none the less - it's hard to see how a virus could prompt such sensations.

Is There any Link to 5G?

(14/04/2020) This notion of course will be instantly immured within tin-foil-hatted-conspiracy-theorist territory  -  but there do seem to be some intruiging coincidences in so far as the initial spread of the "virus" seemed to be most attracted to areas that were host to 5G facilities (Wuhan in particular, but rather surprisingly including cruise ships that probably had not docked at land-locked Wuhan).


(15/04/2020) This article (by yours truly) in Independence Daily attempts a concise round-up of some circumstantial evidence indicating that there may be reason to think that some cases being attributed to Covid-19  may in fact be down to radiation sickness, especially in the serious cases where the "pneumonia" looks more like the pneumonitis that results from radiation sickness.


Please note that to say this this is neither to deny nor support the virus - it is simply to point out that some of the cases currently being semi-automatically diagnosed as Covid-19 look as though they may be due to radiation sickness. I make no attempt to quantify how many (beyond my capacity) except to remark that I would be surprised if it were close to 100% (in the UK anyway).


(16/04/2020) The Japan Times reported (Wed 25th March) that the first new 5G service started in Japan on that date, followed by two more in the same week. Worldometer reports daily Covid-19 cases for many countries and I show the critical chart from their Japan page below:

It is actually very likely purely coincidental that from 25th March new cases of "Covid-19" in Japan started to rise, as many countries curves also started their rise during late March. Much more work would be required to establish a significant connection.


(19/04/2020) And before we leave this topic, it is worth pointing out that "5G" is not a single thing, it covers a very wide range of waveband options. As far as I have been able to ascertain so far, the initial roll-out in the UK and Europe has been in the 3.6 and 4.7 GHz ranges ("not far" removed from the 2.4Ghz range used by most Wifi installations world-wide). However the intention ultimately is to roll-out much faster versions between 28GHz (one of the newly released Japanese services by NTT DOCOMO is already in this part of the spectrum) through 60GHz up as far as 300GHz in the future.


Should we be worried about this huge global expansion into uncharted waveband territory being carried out in such a way that almost nobody will be able to escape from it?


(26/04/2020) Now here we have a good and (probably properly independent!) presentation - if 5G really is responsible for Covoid-19 then we would expect to see a high correlation between Coronavirus outbeaks and 5G deployments.


Scottie' spills the beans:

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(13/05/2020) This presentation discusses the possible links between EMFs and bodily functions. I'm not technical enough to fully understand, but this does indicate that there is something going on here. Is it dangerous?

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As always, make up your own mind.

5G or Virus - Does it Matter?

(15/04/2020) Now you might think that this is all very speculative (and it is) but it is also important - if a patient presents with "Covid-19" symptoms it is obviously necessary to make an accurate diagnosis of the cause in order to determine the appropriate treatment to be offered.


Long term, if 5G is responsible for some of these "Covid19" cases, then we can certainly look forward to recurring waves of "Covid19" every time the colder months come around again and our immune systems are weaker - and who wants more lock-downs together with the consequential social and economic devastation?


At the national level, we don't want to be treating recurrent waves of Covid19 as solely a problem for the NHS if the 5G roll-out is partly culpable. That would be ineffective, and chaos would reign once more.


And a final thought for conspiracy nutters only - if Covid-19 were a conspiracy, could anything be better to cover up the number of deaths that the world-wide 5G roll-out might be causing . . . ?

Is Glyphosate Involved in Covid-19?

(19/04/2020) Glyphosate is the active ingredient of the popular weed-killer Round-up (a Monsanto product that is now owned and marketed by Bayer) - there are postings about this on our Links pages if you are not familiar.


Note that my purpose here is to report this line of thinking - it is not to blame glyphosate for Covid-19. Nonetheless if a person's immune system is compromised (by glyphosate or anything else) then it seems logical to consider that glyphosate may be exacerbating the effect of Covid-19 (or flu or anything else).


I think that Dr Stephanie Seneff is very knowledgable and has spent a long time investigating the glyphosate situation, and we should be mindful of the fact that in the USA this product is used on wheat and corn prior to harvesting to dry the plant - if they do it in the USA then I'm betting they do it in the UK Canada and Europe as well.


My view here is that these days it's important to look after your immune system in whatever way you can.

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(17/05/2020) The next video is a tour de force that puts a whole lot of issues into a perspective that seems very complete and related to mother nature and the way she works. Well worth viewing, but as ever, make up your own mind.

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Bojo's Speech to the UN Sept 2019

This may seem like a strange bedfellow for this page, but Boris touched on a great many of the topics fears and hopes associated with medicine, vaccines, the UN and global control in this speech. Worth bearing his words in mind.

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Read the full transcript.

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