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Our blog (below) highlights some of the major topics of the moment, majoring on the state of the nation post Brexit, but including other issues.

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(19/03/2020) Our weekly meetings are suspended until further notice.


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Whether we approve or not, emergency measures are upon us.


As loyal citizens we will cheerfully comply with all directives and advice from the authorities as best we are able, and as loyal citizens we will try to assist others if requested and if we are able to do so (use our Contacts page).


We are not qualified to give advice, but statistics show that those with strong immune systems do survive, so in our view one of the most important things we can do is to support our immune systems any way we can :-


       Are we eating our 5 (or more) per day fresh fruit and vegetables?

       The Chinese are reported as using Vitamin C (intravenously) to support

       victims of the virus - we strongly suspect that supplementing with extra
       vitamin C will be beneficial.

       We can all think of more ways to boost our systems, so shop wisely, and

       take advantage of all the sunshine, fresh air and exercise that you can!


As always, we will keep calm, do our best, and carry on as permitted!

Our active members and supporters usually meet on a Wednesday evening at 7pm for a "pint and a pie" at a local hostelry, to discuss the topics of the day in a relaxed manner. Not everyone stays for the "pie", and newcomers (no need to be a member) are encouraged to make our acquaintance - contact us or join our email list and we will let you know where we will be.

Site Reorganisation!

Our regular readers may notice new entries in our page headings menu - we are in the process of remodelling our somewhat haphazard "links" pages so that those who are interested in specific topics can find relevant material more quickly - this will take a while, so please bear with us.


This reorganisation has begun -

first up (drum roll please!)   Climate Change

Second up - 5G

Third up - Covid-19

Power to the People!

(01/03/2020) This site's main purpose is to encourage everyone to think for themselves. I think I can safely say that nobody joins UKIP unless they do think for themselves, so in this we have a vested interest!


Unlike Greta (there is only one Greta!) who said "I want you to panic", this site - like Naomi Seibt - says "I want you to think".


To kick-start your thoughts, I wrote a piece for Independence Daily which they were kind enough to publish recently. Feel free to comment via our Contacts page.

Our Blog . . .

Below we offer you links to the points of interest of the day - our objective is not to replicate the same items as can be found elsewhere (well, not too often anyway) but to bring out those significant items that seem to us to be worthy of attention, especially where the mainstream media ignore the issue. This does not necessarily imply that we support the theme behind the linked content - it's always necessary to form your own conclusion.


In this day and age where "fake news" can be found in many places, it would be foolish to think that this site is immune . . .


* * *

Delingpole Comments

(27/05/2020) This thoughtful piece in Breitbart considers why the mainstream media have signally failed to challenge the Lock-Down imperative. Is it not our journalists' job to portray different opinions? Or are the opinions of Big Pharma, Big Philanthropists and Big Government (and those that blame Dominic Cummings for Brexit) now unchallengeable Gospel truth?


In summary:

  • UK Lock-down was imposed on Friday 20th March
  • Coronavirus can incubate for 2 weeks (Friday 3rd April)
  • A person can take two weeks to recover (or get taken to hospital)
  • Add a further two weeks for luck (Friday 1st May)
  • The daily deaths (a lagging indicator) have fallen steadily since 21st April
  • This Friday 29th May will be another 4 weeks - for what? Assuming that lock-down is effective (as suggested by the falling deaths), the epidemic is already bottled up. If Lock-down is not effective, we need to understand why and whether it was needed.


It seems to me that Lock-Down extending well into June (and July??) is now exposed as entirely a political project. It was instituted to slow the spread of the virus and protect the NHS from being overwhelmed. These objectives have been met, and the daily deaths (a lagging indicator of infections overall) are fast dwindling to nothing (although the deaths from lock-down are certainly now rising, even though uncounted).


So why the extreme reluctance to permit any significant relaxation of social interaction? And why the dearth of mainstream criticism of this continuing isolationism (not to mention suppression of our right to freedom of association)?

Covid-19: QE > Inflation = Stealth Tax?

(23/05/2020) Dominic Frisby explains taxation to Peter Whittle, and a very accessible explanation he provides:

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Brexit Sitrep

(21/05/2020) Our estimable Brexit negotiator David Frost has written publicly (download) to M. Barnier delineating our position and attitude to the Brexit "negotiations". Do read it - it's magnificent!


The Spectator also has the story - this is worth checking out if only to marvel at the accompanying cartoon . . .

Covid-19 Letter to the PM

(21/05/2020) UK Reloaded publish a letter to the Prime Minister that includes a comprehensive demolition of the offical Covid-19 stance - view it, sign it!


Help to bring this farcial lock-down to a quick and well-deserved end.

Nigel Hauls a Catch

(21/05/2020) Nigel Farage has alleged (backed by film) that the French Navy has "shepherded" migrant boats into British waters for our Border Force to collect!


What kind of game is our government playing ?


How does this tie in with the Covid-19 scenario?


As always, make up your own mind.

Lock-Down Explained

(20/05/2020) Mahyar Tousi takes the SAGE advice apart (but what is Boris going to do about it?):

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Where Did "Capitalism" Go Wrong?

(20/05/2020) A long but pertinent diatribe. As in the USA, so in the UK. So where do we go from here?

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Covid in Historical Context

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Covid Science and Sense at Last!

(12/5/2020) Like / Dislike this video here.

Tucker Carlson Uncensored (for now)

(11/05/2020) As in the USA, so in the UK? Is Coronavirus only a medical event? Obviously not . . .  and the implications are huge.

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Darren Grimes Wins!

(10/05/2020) Darren who?

More than ever these days we are governed not by politicians whom we can replace but by QUANGOS and regulators that we cannot.


It's time to call in our politicians' promises to make a bonfire of the QUANGOS. They are largely unaccountable and a tool for hobbling democratic accountabilty. They should go.

Legal Challenge to Lock Down

Simon Dolan is challenging the Secretary of State to remove and relax as appropriate the disproportionate restrictions imposed in order to stifle the Coronavirus "pandemic" (not to mention the UK economy and the pensions savings and livelihoods that support most of the population).

Since the original fears that prompted the lock down have proved to be exaggerated or have been countered, and in view of the continuing severe damage to our economy and community life, I think he deserves our unstinting support.

Round Up

(01/05/2020) No, not the Bayer (formerly Monsanto) weed-killer, but a useful compilation from Youtuber Mahyar Tousi who looks at some of the things going on behind the scenes, not unrelated to topical issues . . .

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Brexit SitRep

(30/04/2020) My thanks to Mahyar Tousi for summarising and saving me the trouble!

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Time to End Lock-Down?

(28/04/2020) This little rumination is from across the pond, but the UK as far as I can see is little different. Can anyone explain to me why Sweden and the Netherlands (voluntary measures) are certainly doing no worse than the UK?

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Covid-19 Scare "Debunked" in USA!

(23/04/2020) The inimitable Del Bigtree's presentation style may not be to English tastes (he shouts rather a lot :) but he does analyse the evidence in some detail and then explains his conclusions. This makes for a long video, but he let's you follow the evidence.


If he is right, might the same story be playing out in the UK?

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Post Brexit, Post Covid-19

(22/04/2020) This article from on the contribution made by small-to-medium sized businesses to the British economy seems particularly appropriate to current circumstances - we will need as much imagination and flexibility as we can muster to get out of both the economic shutdown and our strangulation by the EU, and this nails one of the biggest topics that the mainstream (media and government) will probably not even understand from within their fantasy thought-bubble.

Brexit . . .

Yes, Brexit has been pushed out of the headlines recently but we keep tabs on anything untoward - such as this little nugget of information from


And what is our new (if slightly distracted) government going to do about it?

Also this article in the Telegraph (17th April) highlight's our Home Office's lamentable grasp of the numbers of EU citizens who may be intending to apply for permanent residence.


Now why should any of this surprise us? One suspects that short of a mass clearout of civil servants, this kind of thing is probably set to continue indefinitely?


Which brings me to the nub of the matter.


We elect our government to govern, but they are so terrified of making any mistake that rather than take the responsibility, research and make the decisions themselves and defend the results, they prefer to defer - to advice from any remotely authoritative source - WHO, Public Health England, "experts", "scientists" and academics, civil servants, or anybody else who never actually has to carry the can for failure, and who thus will still be around to "advise" the next politican to come along.


So who does govern our country?


What are we the people to do about it?

Is World Government Already Here?

(16/04/2020) Surely not? And yet . . .   all across the world the media and the politicians are seen to be speaking with one voice:


"Lockdown until you are vaccinated against Covid-19" (and given a certificate, possibly on your now obligatory smartphone)


"If in doubt - record the death as Covid-19" (Why???!)


"This is a pandemic - we must have emergency legislation" (that will put you under house arrest take away your employment / independence and trash your freedom of choice, not to mention your savings and pension)


"Covid-19 is ABSOLUTELY not related to the 5G roll-out!" (I don't know if this is true or not, but I do think there is anecdotal evidence that some "Covid-19" cases actually look like radiation sickness)


OK, there are minor variations to the above but in general they are not significant.


So we have to ask - how have we reached the point where the whole world is apparently begging for Bill Gates to give us one of his vaccines? For an infection which nobody seems to understand very well? ("it doesn't pass from human to human" - China, "It is highly infectious" - WHO belatedly, "it will kill half a million" Prof Neil Ferguson of Imperial College, UK cases are levelling off (we are halfway through?) and it has "killed" less than 13000 so far, even counting Covid-19 deaths that have been "generously" (Deborah Birx)  attributed.


Well, I have news - governments may be gagging for Bill's vaccine but there is no evidence that populations are also making this demand. And as we all know, the fact that evidence for something has not yet come to light is cast-iron proof (in today's logic) that that something is categorically untrue (eg: Covid-19 and 5G are unrelated because there is "no evidence"). Since there is also no evidence that populations are demanding a Bill Gates vaccine, this cannot be true either.


Is it now time to reassert the right of individuals to make their own choices above the right of their temporary government to choose for them? Or is it time to assert the right of the collective as interpreted and expressed by the temporary government (what could possibly go wrong?) to impose that interpreted view on everybody? All for a "pandemic" whose profile at the end of the day is surely hardly worse than our traditional "flu"?

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Gates of Hell?

(12/04/2020) More speculation, but well-connected speculation, and topical, given the current coronavirus situation. This young lady is pretty expert at connecting the dots - but does she uncover reality or "conspiracy theory"? You decide.

Swiss Propaganda?

(10/04/2020) As the Covid 19 pandemic severity is being debunked left right and centre by all those who make it their business to research the evidence, now the Swiss are providing a helpful list of references for anybody who wants to follow this up for themselves - and very illuminating it is (don't be put off by language differences - just copy/paste the URL into the Google Translator original language box (on the left), and click on the "same" URL link that appears in the English language box (on the right) to view the translated page).


Of course the Swiss are renowned for their democratic disposition to defer major decisions to the "lowest" practical level, they are fiercely determined in the defence of their country, and they never joined the EU because they treasure their independence.


My guess is that they will be one of the first countries to relax lock-down restrictions, based on the evidence, because they will recognise that depressions cause suicides as companies, people, and families are ruined.


Our leaders seem to be so busy miscounting the deaths "from Covid-19" that they are not considering the deaths that will certainly result from trashing the world economy.

Heroes of the Day

(08/04/2020) Who has responded to the Coronavirus situation better - the central state or the people on the ground?


This interesting article in Conservative Home makes the case that smaller local teams are far more responsive than large national organisations. As if we didn't know that already.

If . . .  (Rudyard Kipling)

(05/04/2020) A poem for our times:
If you can keep your head when all about you   
   are losing theirs and blaming it on you,   
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
   but make allowance for their doubting too;   
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
  or being lied about, don’t deal in lies,
Or being hated, don’t give way to hating,

  and yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise . . .

A Cygnus-16 Story

(05/04/2020) The Telegraph reported (28 March) on Operation Cygnus, an exercise that took place in 2016, involving the relevant NHS and government authorities, that modelled how a pandemic outbreak might play out in Britain. The results were reported as "terrifying", and the warnings were reportedly "buried by the government".


Now here we are in 2020 with Covid-19, the economy is well on the way to being trashed, draconian legislation absurdly curtailing our freedoms, introducing what may amount to arbitrary arrest and detention (including forced medication) upon mere suspicion, closure of schools and businesses, suspension of democracy, and more,  has been rushed through Parliament seemingly on the nod without proper scrutiny.


We are told that this legislation has a sunset clause and will fall in two years time (two years? really?? three months would be time enough) - except for the many clauses which are exempt from the sunset provision!


Why should any clauses be exempt? This is emergency legislation that has not been subject to proper scrutiny - it must all be repealed as one and if any clauses are to be retained then such retention must be scrutinised and legislated properly through the full democratic procedure.


Now we have to ask - was Operation Cygnus really swept under the carpet, and were any lessons at all actually learned? And if not, why not?


Judging by reports that NHS England has been slow to respond to the Covid-19 pandemic, and suggestions that the government has been caught off-guard and had to change its response from "develop herd immunity" to "slow the rate of infections", it does seem that our responsible civil servants have been asleep on the job.


The media of course are blaming the Johnson government, but Boris has only been PM for a few months and if the results of exercise Cygnus were never published, how was he supposed to be informed on the then theoretical matter of a pandemic when the country's political establishment was up to it's ears in Brexit at the time?


So no, we have to look to the civil service, whose job it surely is to maintain continuity of planning and operation from one government to the next, and we have to conclude that they have seriously, perhaps catastrophically, fallen down on the job.


Once the immediate crisis is over, the results of Cygnus must be published, and we will need a full and public independent investigation of the Covid-19 response. Those who have failed must be identified, and the public must be satisfied that appropriate action has been taken to ensure that this cannot happen again.


If this government will not embrace transparency then it will lose the support of the people.

The Other Covid-19 Story

(04/04/2020) A sideways look at the Coronavirus situation - make up your own mind as always.

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A Cogent Letter to the PM

(02/04/2020) In which the author points out the wholly inaccurate information upon which government legislation is based, and the unwarrantedly draconian measures that have been imposed.

Coronavirus Egged On?

(01/04/2020) April Fool? Or serious contribution? Your decision . . .

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Next - a measured teutonic view of the Covid-19 situation in Germany:

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The media has provided an unrelenting diet of alarming news about the coronavirus. Get a realistic and balanced perspective of the threat or lack thereof based on analysis of government data:

Like / Dislike this video here.    Check out the associated petition.  In case this petition is not accepted as valid . . .  I reproduce the text below:


"   Investigate the exaggeration of Coronavirus risk by the UK Chief Medical  



MPs and the media should engage in basic analysis of the figures presented by the UK Chief Medical Officer introducing a potential worst case of 530,000 deaths (510,000 cited in Imperial college report). It was published without examination and alarmed the people into giving up their freedom.


There are two real-world worst cases of Coronavirus: Hubei and Italy. Hubei experienced 3085 deaths in 59.17 million people. Italy is near peak, has experienced 10,000 deaths and is reasonably estimated to result in 17,000 deaths. To exaggerate a risk by between 31 and 153 times is not a casual error. It immediately persuaded the people of a free nation to give up their liberty, an unprecedented shock to their lives and their livelihoods. It recalls the false dossier of WMD.  "


Corona Questions

Why are we barraged daily with numbers derived from data reported by overworked medics world-wide, who diagnose and report cases by whatever non-standardised means they have to hand,


data then totted up by bureaucrats who lump all together regardless of statistical rigour (my late lamented college stats lecturer would be ripping them apart with withering scorn) creating totally unsound statistics,


statistics dutifully fed to public and governments by the eager media?


Why the original test for the virus (WHO?) was outed by the Chinese for 80% false positives?


Why the incessant clamour is for “more tests” (but never for “more accurate tests”)?


Why the WHO doesn’t address any of this?


Why the politicians and medicos incessantly press for a new vaccine (that will never be tested properly by double-blind trials against a placebo -  because no vaccines ever are - because that would take years)


(and all whilst Trump calmly points out that effective medicines already exist!)


Why nobody lists the ingredients in a vaccine - although if you merely want to buy a humble ham sandwich you are entitled to see the ingredients listed on the packet, together with warnings about possible allergens?


Only asking  . . .


Links to earlier entries:


I take my hat off to 1&1 for providing an easy and inexpensive way for anyone to set up their own wesite, domain name, and email server, on someone else's cloud. More power to their elbow!

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