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Welcome to UKIP East Hampshire 

This page highlights some of the major topics of the moment, majoring on the state of the Brexit capitulation.

Regular Meetings

Our active members and supporters usually meet on a Wednesday evening at 7pm for a "pint and a pie" at a local hostelry, to discuss the topics of the day in a relaxed manner. Not everyone stays for the "pie", and newcomers (no need to be a member) are encouraged to make our acquaintance - contact us or join our email list and we will let you know where we will be.

The GE Line-up in East Hampshire

(15/11/2019) Here is an accessible site called Who Can I Vote For where you can see our East Hampshire candidates.


For more in-depth information, visit the EHDC General Election 2019 site.


And last but not least, meet our Candidate!


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Nigel Pulls his Candidates!

(14/11/2019) Nigel explains his decision that leaves East Hampshire without a Brexit Party Candidate. After voting for the Brexit Party in the EU election, many may consider this disappointing.


So are we stuck with voting for team Boris if we want Brexit?


The same Team Boris that wants to sign a warmed through version of the undead May withdrawal treaty that leaves the EU in charge of negotiations for the next n years ?


Must we relive the last three years of grief and "negotiation" all over again, only to end up with a deal that has been dictated by M. Barnier (bar a few cosmetic "victories" to show that Boris has "won Brexit")?


Not if you vote UKIP!


There is now a UKIP candidate in East Hampshire (and as many other affected seats as we can muster candidates in the time available), so that supporters of UK independence may still vote for an immediate WTO Brexit at the ballot box.


WTO Brexit is the only withdrawal deal that gives us leverage over M. Barnier to achieve a free-standing trade deal without attached subservience.


The very same WTO Brexit for which Team Boris has been assuring us that the UK is now well prepared.


So take them at their word - Vote UK Independence Party (UKIP) on 12th December!

Which Illusion(s) do You Support?

What am I talking about? Well, here is one article that may cause you to consider the question. Here is another.


Who peddles these illusions? How do they reach you? Why do you accept them? Is it all just a sophisticated scam? (OK - suspend your ridicule of "conspiracy theorists" just for a moment while you ask yourself when and how such conspiracies were abolished).  And is there an alternative?


When the national newspaper commentators and others who had previously been saying several things all mysteriously fall into line behind something else when an election is called, it makes me wonder.


Are the people "sovereign" if we can in practice only vote for two or three political parties who each seem to offer much the same results (even if they look very different)? So-called competing poitical parties who all mysteriously fail to mention certain topics (such as those to do with defence ...)   What is the way out of this conundrum?


If you want change, I can suggest with confidence that voting for the status quo isn't going to deliver it.  You will have to bite the bullet and vote for change, and you will have to persuade your neighbours to do likewise.


Change has never been achieved by waiting for someone else to push for it.

Nigel and Ann Lay it Out

Nigel Lays it Out

Nice picture from the "Torygraph" - but - credit where credit is due - a good video from the Brexit Party election launch event !

Confusion over "No Deal" Threat

(03/11/2019) The Express reports that a WTO deal will be taken off the table by a Boris win in the coming election, yet Briefings for Brexit suggests that a hefty Tory majority would give Boris a credible "no deal" threat to concentrate the minds of the EU - so will he use it?

The simple fact is that the Boris deal simply opens the way to further tortuous negotiations (or should that be "negotiations"?) with the EU over our post-Brexit relationship, whilst we remain in a position of compliant weakness, fettered by ongoing EU rules and regs over which we will have lost any formal influence and whilst we remain under the effective jurisdiction of the ECJ, at least to end of "transition".


There can be no doubt that our negotiating hand would be very strong if we were to leave now on WTO terms - we could offer them an immediate temporary free trade deal (WTO rule XXIV) which they could not reasonably be seen by Europeans to refuse, then we could both take our time to resolve a permanent deal, in principle already free of EU restrictions. The EU would then be negotiating on the back foot, which some might consider a very welcome development!


I cannot help but think that if Boris was truly committed to our independence he would underline the point by siezing the advantage offered by the WTO route, and getting the ensuing negotiations done quickly from a position of strength.


Of course this would herald a crescendo of squeals of anguish from all the usual suspects, but the practical fall-out would be quickly contained and he would soon have the whole country behind him. People of all stripes (bar die-hard remoaners) now want this finished.


If he pursues his complex reheated revised May withdrawal deal that seemingly nobody fully understands, then the obfuscation pump is well and truly primed for yet more of what we have been force-fed these last three years.


He absolutely risks the future of the Conservative Party if the Tories now drag this unnecessary torture out yet again.


Commentator Jeff Taylor lays out a similar message for us below - with some interesting facts about the CAP for good measure . . .

Link here to the NY Times article mentioned in this video. Link here to the background story to this article.


On no account put two and two together.

Martin Howe QC on the Vandalism Perpetrated upon our Constitution

(03/11/2019) As we reflect on recent events and upon the coming general election, this Letter to my MP published in Briefings for Brexit sums up the damage inflicted upon our common democratic assumptions as felt and understood by many among the population (and I suspect not only those who voted for Brexit) through the machinations of those in the highest echelons of our establishment.


The video below presents a more formal analysis of where things have gone wrong. I have posted this video previously but make no apology for posting it again.


It will be interesting to say the least to see how many political parties include Martin Howe's suggestions for reform in their election manifestos. Precedents have been set that need to be dealt with if we value a disciplined approach to democracy in our country.

Trump on Brexit!


The Boris WA is "Not Brexit"

Fishing for Leave make a cogent argument that all the Boris WA does is keep us in the EU during "transition" (which may be extended . . . . ), having to obey all EU rules and regs without any say in the formulation of those rules and regs - only to find at the end of this "process" that we still have no acceptable deal and we face much the same choices as today (whilst having wasted some years and much treasure propping up the EU with the odd £39 Billion + continuing subs in the meanwhile).

Nigel is of the same view . . .

And for good measure . . .

The 5G Effect

(22/10/2019) This is slightly off at a tangent to the usual politics of this site - but if these allegations are true then we have a serious global problem. I think that it is hard to over-estimate the seriousness of this topic if even some of this evidence is correct. The Brexit debate pales into insignificance by comparison.


The Scientific American has the story.


More here.

Mark Steele is either a nutter or he is onto something serious - after our politicians in Parliament have shown themselves in their true colours, would you really trust them against Mark Steele? What has he got to gain except lawsuit after lawsuit?

The Trump Effect

(20/10/2019) Events in the UK have become even more ludicrous (if that were possible) than the fake impeachment that the Democrats are mounting over the pond against The Donald.


To understand what is going on in the UK we need to look over the water to events in the USA - this review by Harvey Schlanger is well worth checking out as he covers much of interest to democrats in both UK and USA:

Reminds Us - What was Brexit About?

(20/10/2019) Boris has done a job on upgrading Mrs May's dreadful vassalage deal to at least give us some control (even hedged about as it is with "level playing-field" verbiage that only the ECJ can rule on) over our future trade policy. Does it remove the backstop? Well, only if Sinn Fein agree to restart Stormont (since only Stormont can effect the removal in Northern Ireland).


Everything else (including effective control over our armed forces and security services, environmental policy, Fisheries etc) seems to be left in place for as long as it takes . . . Nigel spells it out here:

So we are grateful to Lee Rotherham who writes in Brexit Central to remind us exactly why we voted to leave the EU, and why the only effective option to do so remains to leave on 31st under WTO rules.

If we leave under the Boris Withdrawal Treaty, we may regain some additional control over our own affairs but we will remain at least half-in the EU, and without any say in its proceedings. Miraculously the main media outlets all seem to think that the Boris Treaty gives us independence - Hmmmm!


That is indisputably control by a foreign power, and is therefore entirely incompatible with our aspiration to become a free nation once more. It always used to be illegal - when did that change?


Could the current furore in Parliament over the unsigned "Boris letter to the EU" be designed to obscure this? Whatever the intent, obscure it it does, and confirms our democracy in the last stages of terminal decline.

The Fight-Back Has Started?

(19/10/2019) Dr Turley's style may not be to everyone's taste but his content is pertinent.

Home Truths about our UK Politics

(18/10/2019) I find it hard to argue with most of this (my family were Northerners :) - mark it for re-reading a the time of the next election.


There comes a time when only overturning the apple-cart will do the job - we will have a choice soon - use it wisely.

Economic Crisis?

(17/10/2019) The world economy seems to be headed for a synchronized recession - or worse - how is the situation shaping up? Read more here.

Trump Exits Syria

(17/10/2019) The "heretical" view of what Trump has done in Syria. Could this be a significant blow for peace and stability in the region?

The State We're In

(16/10/2019) Normally I would put something like this on the our Links page, but this is too good and wide-ranging to hide away there:

Trump Motors On

Once he's done in the US of A, can we borrow him for a year or two over here? (only joking!)

Plain Speaking from Down Under

Boris' EU Defence Plan Outed

(09/10/2019) The Express has published an article exploring how Boris' "Brexit" deal will commit the UK to joining EU Defence Union (already largely a done deal - see our Defence page). Do watch the video at the start of this article.


Perhaps the ban on publicity is beginning to crack . . .

"The Current Parliament is No Longer Legitimate"

(05/10/2019) "the Government and the Prime Minister are fully and legitimately entitled to subvert and defy this Act by any means possible" - Martin Howe QC, speaking at the recent Bruges Group meeting on the occasion of the recent Conservative Party Conference.


Link to the article by John Finnis, published by Policy Exchange, and referred to by Martin Howe QC in the above video, concerning the unconstitutionality of the Supreme Court's prorogation judgment.

You need to Watch These

(04/10/2019) Somehow the Beeb hasn't given much prominence to this, but the storm is forming . . . I suggest you get informed.


The subject matter covered by these videos is wide-ranging and frankly daunting - you may need to suspend your natural conservative outlook, but please persevere.

(04/10/2019) Not unrelated, the video below notes the linkage between the Green Monster and the Central Bankers - an unholy alliance if ever there was one.


Before you just dismiss this out of hand as "conspiracy theory", let me ask you a question: just when were conspiracies to rule the world actually abolished?


And a supplementary - when did Greta Thunberg become a fully qualified climate authority? If she didn't, then what (or who) gives her the authority to do what she does? and what exactly does she do?


"By their fruits shall ye know them".

What is the Boris Proposal?

(04/10/2019 The Spectator has published what they describe as the "full text".  As I understand it it simply reworks the much hyped "Irish Backstop" proposals, and one must thus assume that it leaves the rest of Mrs May's disastrous "Withdrawal Agreement" (WA) substantially intact, including the associated "Political Declaration".


This latter Political Declaration completely ties our hands by laying out the parameters within which negotiations about our post-transition relationship will take place.


Just to remind ouselves, a critique of the many traps set within this WA can be found here. It makes for sobering reading; for example:


"Our elected government in our Parliament in Westminster will be excluded from any knowledge of, or control over, the UK’s withdrawal in the transition period. Only the UK side of the secret Joint Committee will be left to battle for Britain, if it chooses to. Whatever deal the JC will deliver for Britain is unknown to the Withdrawal Agreement. The WA merely delivers Britain to the dictatorship of this Joint Committee."


Another critique may be found here.


If you are tempted by this latest Boris initiative, do read these carefully. Innocuous-looking phrases can hide enormous opportunities for our continuing subjection if we assume that all parties will be acting transparently and with good intent.

"Lipstick on a Pig"

(03/10/2019) The Boris deal is public, so what of it? "Null points" seems to be the reaction of those leave outfits who have so far trawled it's depths.


Nigel Farage describes it as "lipstick on a pig", whilst Northern Ireland (other than the DUP) is reportedly "ridiculing" the proposals. 


I have also seen it described as more or less identical in effect with kicking the 31st October deadline down the road to the end of the (interminable?) "transition" period, the only difference being that it would enable us to start negotiating a "trade" deal with the EU, which could take for ever. Labour might like it, though it may not be pure enough for the Lib Doms who want to revoke entirely.


Links to earlier entries:


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