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Welcome to UKIP East Hampshire 

This page highlights some of the major topics of the moment, majoring on the state of the Brexit negotiations.

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Tory Incompetence? Tory Plot?

(20/05/2018) The Sunday Telegraph highlights a Tory donor's opinion on why Mrs May is making such heavy weather of Brexit (behind a paywall - you may need to register for free to read the article). 

Nanny State Index

(20/05/2018) Yes really! The IEA (no less) publish this shocker on the state of nannying in the EU and hold a conference on it (19th June in Brussels). The UK is well up there with the most nanny-ish but has some way to go to catch Finland. Think it won't affect the UK since we are leaving? I wouldn't put money on it . . .

LNER Resurrected

(20/05/2018) Much controversy again in the news over the renationalisation of the East Coast Main Line - lots of blame flying around, where will it stick? The IEA (Institute of Economic Affairs) puts forward its considered view here

Gerard Batten Addresses Free Speech

(10/05/2018) This is an interview Gerard gave at the march for freedom of speech on Sunday 6th May in Whitehall. Apparently it was well-supported by several thousand marchers! Sadly little media coverage . . .

The next one is Gerard's speech to the crowd - I suspect an amateur recording, as it is good on sound but a bit short on elevation!

Academics and the NHS

This article in Briefings for Brexit illustrates the problems faced by a pro-Brexit professor publishing in the International Journal of Nursing Studies.


If you have an interest in the NHS and would like the unsanitized truth about what is going on (wouldn't we all?) , then you might be interested in the upcoming non-official conference on the NHS (12th May in Nottingham) - details here.


(27/04/2018) The sad case of Alfie Evans illustrates precisely what has gone wrong with our governance in the UK. The court's decision to insist that Alfie be allowed to die regardless of his parents wishes has been shown up for what it is by Alfie's continuing life - kids can show remarkable powers of recovery if given the appropriate care. Whilst there is life there is hope - the court in its arrogance denies this.


Is it really appropriate that a court would deny a baby's loving parents the right to look after their own child, when that child is said to be facing death? May it not at least die in the loving care of its parents?


We need to revive the principle that the medical profession advises but does not dictate, otherwise the road towards medical dictatorship is wide open.


UKIP unequivocally supports Alfie's parents in their determination to do the best for their own child - that the courts should forbid them from doing so is the clearest indication possible of the contempt in which the powers that be now hold all parents in this country. We have been well and truly warned.

Customs Union?

(26/04/2018) The Campaign for an Independent Britain comments on the pertinent points concerning a customs union with the EU post-Brexit.

Gerard Batten in the EU Parliament

(26/04/2018) Watch Gerard sum up the current state of our Brexit negotiations in the EU Parliament. 

Never mind BREXIT- can the EU Survive?

(04/04/2018) Briefings for Brexit publish a paper by Gwythian Prins which considers the EU as an empire in the historical context of previous empires that have risen and fallen. He develops the same theme for Brexit Central here. Indeed there is a high correlation between the structures of the old USSR and the EU ... both being run by committees (soviets), both reliant on an over-mighty team of bureaucratic civil servants wielding more power than the associated parliaments ... and both being irrevocably committed to "the project" rather than to "the people" who are expected to do as they are told.

Update on Defence

(20/04/2018) Veterans for Britain' s Dr Lee Rotherham reviews our Government's approach to the EU's burgeoning projects to establish its own defence forces and assesses the risks inherent to our own UK defence independence. 


(03/04/2018) The Franco British Council held a Defence Conference in March (by invitation only). So far they have not published any results.


However, the results from the 2017 Conference are published here.  In particular they ask the question "What remains of the Franco-British defence relationship ... following the UK's decision to leave the European Union"?


The answer: "Nothing has changed" and "The European environment has been shaken, but the will of the stakeholders is supreme and remains the essential driving force behind the rapprochement arising from the security treaties ".


So in the immortal words of Jean-Claude Junker: "we continue". The report goes on: "No elections in either of the two countries has so far called into question the rapprochement that has taken place since 2010. Successive Prime Ministers and Presidents have unreservedly given their backing to an enterprise that they resolutely approve".  Could this lack of interest by the electorate possibly have anything to do with the fact that all this is being conducted behind closed doors under the auspices of the FBC "charity" and effectively outside of scrutiny by MPs or journalists?


We hope to bring you the report from the March 2018 Conference when it is published.


I should say here that of course we in UKIP do not expect the UK to sever its close defence relationships with our allies because of BREXIT, but we do expect the UK to retain absolute control of our own defence and security capabilities, including the ability to use them independently of the EU, and this would seem to preclude continuing with the merger that seems to be taking place with the corresponding French/ EU services since we would not have all the components necessary to make up an independent fully operational force. 

Campaign for an Independent Britain

(03/04/2018) The latest postings from the CIB point up the hopelessness of Mrs May's pseudo-Brexit:


One year to go until ... what exactly?


The betrayal of our fisheries that was "unpredicted" only because it was too pathetic to believe that any British prime minister could seriously contemplate such a thing. Mr Gove now has "useful idiot" well and truly emblazoned on his CV - he is part of a government that seems determined to stub out any foolish optimism about our post-Brexit future.


The frictionless trade fantasy.


Mrs May will reap the whirlwind if she doesn't get a grip soon and start negotiating for Britain rather than for the EU.

Worth Watching

(29th March 2018) The Hon. Alexander Dower, outgoing Australian High Commissioner to the UK, shares his wide-ranging reflections on the UK as it leaves the EU, at the Policy Exchange. Well worth viewing to see how an "outsider" from the Commonwealth sees our current situaution from a no nonsense antipodean perspective!

BrEUxit Justice and Internal Security

(21/03/2018) Fishing has been rightly highlighted today as our Brexit give-away team headed by David Davis has been congratulating itself on the amount of green ink it can show on the on-going transition discussions, heedless of the ensuing damage to our interests. But beneath the radar something else entirely is brewing ...


Read Gerard Batten's revealing list of ways in which Mrs May will keep us bound over to the EU's policing and criminal justice measures, thus burying for good "our ancient and cherished liberties" as he very aptly describes them.

Another Defence PESCO Insight 

(16/03/2018) Courtesy of the Sun newspaper we can now see exactly what is going on in the great defence give-away to the EU. MPs and the public being kept in the dark? Who would have thought it? Well, Veterans for Britain think it is all too real.


What kind of a government do we have - one which is hyping up the threat from Russia at the same time as it is cutting what is left of our armed forces and giving the remainder over to EU control under PESCO whilst pretending to the nation that all is well and that Brexit is on course.


In fact, it becomes more apparent every day that Brexit is to be in name only and our Defence is to be dependent on the goodwill of the EU.

Not Foreign Relations

(16/03/2018) I will not involve this site in foreign relations but the Salisbury poisoning case illustrates some factors about the way in which our own parliamentarians behave. My comments below have nothing to do with Russia or with its ruling classes.


Am I alone in thinking that the evidence for Russian involvement in the Salisbury poisoning affair seems inconclusive - would it have any chance of standing up in a court of law? 


What does it say about our government (and those that have "rallied round") that it is prepared to seriously damage relations with a major foreign power (on whom incidentally Europe relies for a significant proportion of its gas supplies) on the basis of evidence that seems to fall a long way short of reasonable proof? 


It seems actually that I am not alone. Nor am I a fan of Mr Corbyn but I believe that his questions in Parliament to Mrs May on this topic were sensible and relevant. He deserved properly considered answers but was reportedly shouted down on all sides.


What have our parliamentarians become when they prefer to act like a baying mob rather than calmly and carefully discussing such a serious issue? We expect better of our representatives.

Our Constitution - Does it Matter...?

(15/03/2018) It is a widespread view that we in the UK do not have a written Constitution. Well, the British Constitution Group beg to differ!


Do our politicians have untrammelled power to make whatever rules they please? Follow the link to see for yourself - this is a well-presented site which makes a very convincing case.


A word or warning - one visit will not be enough . . .

Defence Matters

(06/03/2018) Readers of our site will know that we are very concerned, even alarmed, about the direction that our national defence policy is taking, apparently without the involvement of Parliament.


The Bruges Group have initiated a campaign to alert MPs to what is going on. We encourage everybody to check out the Bruges Group pro-forma letter to your MP by opening the campaign link. You will need to fill in your details for inclusion in the email, but stick with it - the letter itself is an eye-opener and essential reading for most of us, even if you decide not to send it on to your MP.


(16/03/2018) Mr Hinds has responded to my letter (which was based on the Bruges Group initiative above. He directed me to two web-sites which you may wish to follow up:

Modernising Defence - Public Consultation 

Parliament - Topical Issues

He also referred me to the Prime MInister's speech at the Munich Security Conference which took place in February and drew attention to the statement that a reformed NATO alliance remains the cornerstone of Europe's shared security.


Of course, as a government minister he is obliged to support the government's position.


We know that wars can only be won in cooperation with allies. The question here is of domination by the EU over UK defence matters. In time of stress we will need to choose our allies with due regard to the specific circumstances.


Following Brexit, our most appropriate ally might not be found within the EU and we may need our own forces. Without our own forces we will have no option but to bow to EU foreign and defence policies. 

Mrs May's Negotiation

(04/03.2018) Mrs May's Mansion House speech last Friday treated us all to what she has already told us - in fact what we would probably like - she spelled out a reasonable negotiating position that would give us a pragmatic and mutually beneficial trade deal with the EU whilst establishing our independence as a free country. What is not to like?


The EU does not and never has negotiated for any such thing - the EU always negotiates for as much power as it may get away with. They did it most spectacularly with Greece (which has suffered extreme hardship as a result), and with Italy, which (you may recall) had its government replaced by an EU-approved government of "technocrats". The EU has always ignored democratic votes when it suited them.


See Briefings for Brexit here.


So this is a negotiation of conflicting objectives. The EU will attempt to compel Mrs May to concede power for trade. They will use every obfuscation and negotiating trick in their armoury to break down her defences, including spinning out the negotiations until a WTO-based no-deal becomes unfeasible in the time remaining. Mrs May's track record in the negotiation so far is not good. If she still believes that she can persuade the EU to negotiate over trade in good faith, then she will be destroyed.


To avoid this crisis Mrs May could have started out by walking away and preparing for trade under WTO rules, putting the EU on the back foot and providing time for reasonable European businessmen to exert pressure on their EU negotiators to avert a no-deal result. 


She chose to ignore that opportunity. She now finds herself in a position where time is running out and she has made no headway in convincing the EU negotiators that she cannot be broken (sadly she has so far conceded all their demands).


She almost certainly will have to walk away and resort to WTO rules if she is to save our independence. The EU would need time to adopt a face-saving climb-down and time is no longer available. 


Mrs May might still preserve Brexit if she sets a deadline for agreement, and walks away if that deadline is not met. The alternative is a Brexit in name only.

Bolton Binned - Batten Boosted

(20/02/18) The EGM on the 17th February decisively backed the NEC's vote of no confidence in Henry's leadership.


Bowing to the inevitable, Gerard Batten has accepted the NEC's invitation to become interim leader of the Party. The ensuing election to appoint a more permanent leader will take place within 90 days of the EGM, meanwhile Gerard brings a welcome breath of fresh air and a new and more combative direction.

Did we Vote to Become a Vassal State? 

(08/Feb/18) I think that it was the redoubtable Mr Rees-Mogg who first mooted to David Davis that we were on course to become a vassal state of the EU (see the link below), either temporarily or indefinitely. He attempted to laugh it off (what else could he do?).


This idea is analysed in more detail in the Telegraph today by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard (this is a "premium" article so you may need to sign up for a free account). It makes for very disturbing reading.

Free Speech (but only if unchallenged)

(02/02/2018) Our Home Office has responded to the petition for the restoration of free speech (click on Read the response in full to see the full text). You can say what you like provided that absolutely nobody claims that it is "hate speech" and any unfounded accusation may be enough to get you convicted. Some freedom. As ever, of the big 4 parties only UKIP supports actual free speech.

Jacob Rees-Mogg vs David Davis...

(24/Jan/18) Watch JR-M put our chief negotiator on the spot. It seems that we are not by ourselves in thinking that our negotiation stance is pathetic.

Credit where due - Full Marks to Priti Patel!

(17/Jan/18) Priti accuses the Electoral Commission of bias and double strandards. Who would have thought it?

Walk Away Now...

(19/Dec/17) This article in the Sunday Express highlights the Petition to walk away from the give-everything-away EU non-negotiations.


The only honourable course now is to advise the EU that they are welcome either to negotiate a mutually advantageous but non-political trade deal, or to trade on WTO terms once we have left. 


It is become abundantly clear that continued negotiations on the current basis make sense only if the Tory government intends to keep us in the EU in all but name. 


"by their deeds shall ye know them" (Matthew 7:16)

Mrs Mouse Returns in Triumph!

Mrs May has snatched agreement from the very jaws of catastrophe!


Jean-Claude and Michel confirm that the UK has made "sufficient progress"! 


Leaving aside the enormous bribe, and the humiliation of having these Eurocrats mark our Prime Minister's homework, the agreement on the Irish border is flashing red warnings.


For Ireland north and south: "The United Kingdom also recalls its commitment to preserving the integrity of its internal market and Northern Ireland's place within it, as the United Kingdom leaves the European Union's Internal Market and Customs Union."

That's OK then, we will be leaving the Internal Market and the Customs Union, as per Lancaster House speech.


A bit further on: "In the absence of agreed solutions, the United Kingdom will maintain full alignment with those rules of the Internal Market and the Customs Union which, now or in the future, support North-South cooperation, the all-island economy and the protection of the 1998 Agreement".


So the UK leaves the Internal Market and Customs Union, but if the EU doesn't agree any differently (and why should they, as they now have us over a barrel?) all the UK will maintain full alignment with the rules of said Internal Market and Customs Union - current and future - no end date? Is it any surprise that Jean-Claude et al agreed this sweeping concession?


Did I then read in the Sunday Telegraph that "Nbr 10 aides" advised that these weasel words are "meaningless", "not binding" and "simply included to secure Ireland's approval"? Has our Tory prime minister negotiated in bad faith?


It will not be at all surprising when, as the UK finally remains safely subject to each and every EU restriction but barred from all of Brexit's many freedoms, the appropriate "Sir Humphrey" is awarded his peerage...


The Irish Border

Brexit Deconstructed

Ray Finch MEP highlights the failure of the Brexit non-negotiations in the EU Parliament:


Mrs May Sells Us Out

Tim Aker MEP: Mrs May has sold us out


Nigel Farage MEP in the EU Parliament


Mrs May's Florence Speech.

How to Leave the EU

Watch Gerard Batten's excellent presentation at Conference. If you were wondering what Mrs May actually said in Florence then Gerard explains it with great clarity - if you believe that Brexit is safe with Mrs May then you absolutely need to view this.


I take my hat off to 1&1 for providing an easy and inexpensive way for anyone to set up their own wesite, domain name, and email server, on someone else's cloud. More power to their elbow!

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