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Our blog (below) highlights some of the major topics of the moment, majoring on the state of the nation post Brexit, but including other issues.

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(19/03/2020) Our weekly meetings are suspended until further notice.


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Whether we approve or not, emergency measures are upon us.


As loyal citizens we will cheerfully comply with all directives and advice from the authorities as best we are able, and as loyal citizens we will try to assist others if requested and if we are able to do so (use our Contacts page).


We are not qualified to give advice, but statistics show that those with strong immune systems do survive, so in our view one of the most important things we can do is to support our immune systems any way we can :-


       Are we eating our 5 (or more) per day fresh fruit and vegetables?

       The Chinese are reported as using Vitamin C (intravenously) to support

       victims of the virus - we strongly suspect that supplementing with extra
       vitamin C will be beneficial.

       We can all think of more ways to boost our systems, so shop wisely, and

       take advantage of all the sunshine, fresh air and exercise that you can!


As always, we will keep calm, do our best, and carry on as permitted!

Our active members and supporters usually meet on a Wednesday evening at 7pm for a "pint and a pie" at a local hostelry, to discuss the topics of the day in a relaxed manner. Not everyone stays for the "pie", and newcomers (no need to be a member) are encouraged to make our acquaintance - contact us or join our email list and we will let you know where we will be.

Site Reorganisation!

Our regular readers may notice new entries in our page headings menu - we are in the process of remodelling our somewhat haphazard "links" pages so that those who are interested in specific topics can find relevant material more quickly - this will take a while, so please bear with us.


This reorganisation has begun - first up (drum roll please!) Climate Change!

Power to the People!

(01/03/2020) This site's main purpose is to encourage everyone to think for themselves. I think I can safely say that nobody joins UKIP unless they do think for themselves, so in this we have a vested interest!


Unlike Greta (there is only one Greta!) who said "I want you to panic", this site - like Naomi Seibt - says "I want you to think".


To kick-start your thoughts, I wrote a piece for Independence Daily which they were kind enough to publish recently. Feel free to comment via our Contacts page.

Our Blog . . .

Below we offer you links to the points of interest of the day - our objective is not to replicate the same items as can be found elsewhere (well, not too often anyway) but to bring out those significant items that seem to us to be worthy of attention, especially where the mainstream media ignore the issue. This does not necessarily imply that we support the theme behind the linked content - it's always necessary to form your own conclusion.


In this day and age where "fake news" can be found in many places, it would be foolish to think that this site is immune . . .


                                                                           * * *

Coronavirus & Climate Change

(25/03/2020) The Global Warming Policy Forum  draws attention to the largely hidden (but no less significant for that) costs imposed on both businesses and  consumers as a result of "green" taxes on carbon-based energy.


Food for thought indeed in these times of extraordinary measures.

Speculation - Connect the Dots?

(25/03/2020) A view from a Canadian - this young lady has a large following, due to her careful level-headed approach to searching out evidence and connecting the dots. No more than speculation, but one has to start somewhere, and checking out the motivations of the various players is a good start:

"Question everything, get ready to be disappointed by the people you trust the most, put truth in front of everything".

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Free Speech Retribution?

(10/03/2020) Kristie Higgs, a pastoral care assistant and mother-of-two, tells the guests at the Free Speech Union launch party how she was fired by a secondary school for saying she disapproved of the materials being used to teach children about transgenderism at her son's primary school on her private Facebook account.

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How Much Hysteria Do You Want?

(12/03/2020) Good stuff about the Coronavirus . . . (we already reported on this - see updates below) and whether vaccines could cause autism.


Sorry about him shouting all the way through, but he is American . . .

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ICAN report that they won a lawsuit against the CDC (Centre for Disease Control) concerning the claim that "Vaccines do not cause autism". Sometimes you just jave to ask the right questions . . .

Coronavirus Conspiracy Corner

(10/03/2020) If you prefer to believe that the authorities have nothing but our good health at heart then look away now . . .  otherwise this young lady has a way of connecting the dots that saves us all a great deal of time - nevertheless nothing she says can be taken as proof positive, so if you are prepared to consider that joining the dots has some value short of real proof, and you think that there may be more to the coronavirus situation than (yet another) simple health epidemic, feel free to consider what she presents:

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Coronavirus Updates

(09/03/2020) Updates: - 


1) We are aware that many statistics are being quoted in many places, and it's a job to know which to believe. This article (download) is straight from the horse's mouth, China CDC Weekly, supported by the National Science and Technology Foundation of China (2018ZX10201002-008-002), and by National Nature Science Foundation of China (NSFC, 71934002). It probably has as much depth as you can handle, but see the tables on pages 3 and 4 for a breakdown by risk factor based on data known at the end of February.


It seems that Mr Whitty is in the right ball-park with his "1%" quoted below, although this changes if a person has "comorbidities" as we might expect.


2) The Chinese are reported to be using Vitamin C both to support cure and as a preventative measure. Given the use of Vitamin C to ward off similar infections this may make sense (but be aware that loose bowels may result if you take too much!).

3) (11/03/2020) UK Column reports that Prof. Didier Raoult of Mediterranee Infection Foundation has been keeping up with the Chinese approach:

If you are fluent in French, you can follow the full story here . . .

4) (18/03/2020) This article explores the relationship between Coronavirus and air quality (or lack of it). Albeit for an American audience, it is clearly also pertinent to the UK situation.


5) (20/03/2020) Recommended: UK Column puts the Coronavirus statistics into perspective:

Coronavirus Terror?

(07/03/2020) Is the risk being hyped beyond parody?


Probably nobody can yet say, but our Chief Medical Officer (England), Chris Whitty, is reported as saying that the mortality rate is of the order of 1%, based on "information from China", and the same article goes on to mention that a 1% death rate in the UK could result in up to 600,000 deaths.


So how likely is it that everyone in the UK will get infected and fall ill? So why publish this figure, even if it is technically accurate as an estimate of the very worst possible case?


To put this into perspective, ITV reported that 17,000 deaths result from the flu annually in England (average figure over the last 5 flu seasons), and "Since October, more than 4,000 people with confirmed flu have been admitted to hospitals in England with at least 70 deaths" (i.e.: around 2% of those hospitalised).


So why are we getting so alarmed over a 1% death rate? Well, maybe it depends on how we count the number of cases, and whether the Coronavirus is more or less contagious than the flu. One might well suspect that there isn't much difference between the effects of flu and Coronavirus, but as we don't know exactly who was or was not counted in China to arrive at that 1% figure, we cannot say for sure. Nonetheless we might suspect that only those who required medical attention were counted, since it probably wouldn't be feasible to count those who didn't.


As always, make up your own mind, keep calm and carry on.

Tech Update / non-Update

(06/03/2020) The BBC has performed a useful service today (yes really) which I am happy to report on, even though it hasn't (much) to do with politics.


How old is your Android phone? Many may not realise, but the Android software is effectively a variant of the Linux operating system. As a life-long computing nerd I am well aware that Linux (and all other) operating systems need to be periodically updated (or "patched" in the old-fashioned but accurate make-do-and-mend vernacular) in order to stop up all the security holes that are endemic in this networked world.


Android is no different in principle, but is very different in practice in as much as no phone supplier seems to offer Android patches beyond two years or so - after that you are on your own, up the proverbial network creek without a patch.


In the days when phones were evolving rapidly and everyone bought a new one every two years because they offered so much more capability and convenience, that may not have mattered very much, but these days the phone offereings have matured and many now keep their phones for longer than two years.


What to do? Sadly there is little you can do except complain to your phone provider, ask the awkward question "How long will you provide Android patch support for this phone?" before you buy a new one, and buy a new one when the support period expires.


Making sure that you protect yourself against hackers as far as possible will also help to fend off unwanted hacks however old the phone you are using:


* Install a reputable VPN (virtual private network - search the VPN reviews) which will encrypt all your network traffic in transit

* don't visit any dubious internet sites (ideally don't use your Android device to visit any sites not strictly essential to your life)

* don't install any apps from unregulated sites (ie: other than Google Playstore) and even then don't install any apps not essential to your life

* don't share anything via your phone which you don't want leaked in public or to the "security services" (who we must assume have access to everything if they are doing their job correctly).


The less "stuff" on your phone, the less likely you are to have an unfortunate incident.

Mail On-Line (but Off-Message?)

(05/03/2020) With all the coronavirus panic being dutifully promoted by the media it's good to see a more thoughtful article in the Mail on-line.


The Times reports a survey that shows that the British public are not buying it anyway. No real surprise there, nor any real surprise that the media are out of touch - again.


Keep calm and carry on!  It will all be over soon enough.

The UK's Negotiating Mandate

Download it here !


I won't comment here, not when Independence Daily has already done a better job that I could hope to do.


Still, the proof of the pudding will be in the eating . . .


Briefings for Britain have more on the EU's "level playing field" here - and never mind the infestation of moles busily erecting their traditional trade-marks all over it.

More Grist

(27/02/2019) Once again UK Column produces a news report which touches on many topics of current interest and checks out these topics in more detail than we find elsewhere:


IICSA investigation into child abuse

Integrated Review for HMG to point up the UK's place in the world

BBC's alleged role in propagating "fake news"

Role of the City of London in our Parliaments
OFCOM's "conflict of interest" over 5G roll-out

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Under the Carpet - Again?

(24/02/2020) The problem of gangs who groom vulnerable children and others for abuse seems to be the problem that never gets tackled with any degree of vigour.


Now perhaps we should class it as the problem that is actively swept under the carpet.


UKIP deplores the Boris government's refusal to publish the findings of Sajid Javid's Public Enquiry into this issue. Any rational person must now ask:


What has the government got to hide?


And while we are about it, should we not ask what useful result the IICSA is likely to produce? Those concerned by this problem are invited to read the review of these investigations by Martin Edwards.


One is left to conclude that the government's objectives are to produce lots of analyses - but we must ask if it has actually done anything to address the problems identified, and more importantly (shock - horror) to hold those who turned a blind eye to past events to account.


We predict more wordsmithing . . . but we all know that actions speak far louder than words. This latest action speaks volumes.

Climate Change - Solution?

(23/02/2020) Now and again we come across a piece that makes us laugh - but the logic in some minds may be inexorable . . .

"Like" or "Dislike" this bit of entertainment here.


I wonder what a regulator of "on-line harms" might have to say about this?

On-Line Harms - Coming Our Way?

(23/02/2020) The government has responded to a "consultation" in preparation for the imposition of a "regulator" to ensure that on-line "harms" are regulated out of our internet.


The Institute for Economic Affairs is unimpressed.


If you believe in the magical world of completely independent and unbiassed regulators that possess the wisdom of Solomon and have no difficulty in distinguishing between free speech, harmful content, truth, and fake news then no doubt you will welcome this move, but this site believes that in the end, the only person qualified to make these distinctions is the citizen him/her self. Any other arrangement opens the door to censorship - and there are plenty who would like to take advantage.


Now I'm not suggesting that children should have untrammelled access to the internet, but I am suggesting that parental responsibility is ultimately the appropriate vehicle for ensuring that children can only access appropriate content. They may need the tools for the job, but their responsibility should not be usurped by a remote internet regulator who must inevitably impose a bureaucratic one-size-fits-all regime upon the nation. That might quickly become a recipe for censorship.


But since when did the State ever subscribe to the notion that the citizen may take responsibility for his own affairs? Consider how much less the State might have to do if this notion were ever to take serious root - so many well-heeled armies of civil servants QUANGOs and regulators might not be needed! Taxes might be cut! Sir Humphrey would be apoplectic!


More history behind this topic may be found here, courtesy of UK Column, an alternative independent news website funded by public subscription.

Boris Meets his "29th March" in 2035?

Has Boris leaped into the green swamp without first finding out how deep it is? Will his deadline for banning the internal combustion engine (including hybrid electric vehicles) by 2035 become his "29th March" - an ever-receding deadline? 

"Forecasters in the real world paint a different picture. According to investment bank Morgan Stanley, global sales of BEVs will only reach 24% by 2030, from about 2% in 2019 and 11% in 2025. And that is a stretch if you look at IHS Markit’s projection of BEV production reaching only 15.9% by 2030, while output of gasoline, diesel, and mild-hybrids cars and SUVs would still account for just over 70% of sales."


Forbes has the details that Boris needs to check out . . .

Mr Frost Fires our First Broadside

"Boris Johnson’s top Brexit negotiator David Frost gave a major speech at ULB Brussels University on Monday evening where he set out the British government’s plans for a UK-EU trade deal. This is an edited transcript of his speech" - read it here, courtesy of The Spectator.


Independence Daily comments on the speech here.


It's very refreshing to see how a real negotiation is undertaken, at long last!


"Independence does not mean a limited degree of freedom in return for accepting some of the norms of the central power. It means – independence – just that. I recognise that some in Brussels might be uncomfortable with that – but the EU must, if it is to achieve what it wants in the world, find a way of relating to its neighbours as friends and genuinely sovereign equals."

A Victory for Free Speech

(16/02/2020) No sooner had I posted the item below than a newspaper article in the Sunday Telegraph alerted me to the new Free Speech Union. Great to see an organisation appearing that is dedicated to the defence of free speech!


It used to be the case that our courts were proud to defend the right to free speech, even if some found it offensive. Free-thinking people everywhere understand that offence is taken by the hearer, rather than given by the speaker. It thus becomes impossible for a public speaker to know whether what he/she says will be take as offensive by any individual audience member.


So must every speaker be reduced to subjectively assessing likelihood and probability before deciding whether offence may be taken, and suppress his/her views if he/she perceives any risk? In other words, does the law require self-censorship? How does that square with "freedom of speech"?


This is no basis upon which to mount a legal prosecution in the courts for causing offence a.k.a. "hate speech". The current guidelines may well already be unenforceable and should be scrapped as

(a) not fit for purpose and         

(b) quite incompatible with our tradition of robust free speech as we have always known it in the United Kingdom.


(15/02/2020) A battle won, but the war continues.


This issue of free speech could be a defining test for the Boris government, should the appeal go the wrong way at the supreme court.


Nevertheless it is heartening that the judge took the robust view that he did - the law as it stands would appear to be so vague that it should be struck down - it should also be struck down on the grounds that offence is taken rather than given - therefore it is clearly beyond the control of the "offender" that offence is taken, and the result becomes arbitrary punishment at the hands of anybody who may be predisposed to take offence.


Is this really what British justice has come to?

Contrasting Viewpoints

(15/02/2020) Here is another contrasting viewpoint, this time from Alexander von Schoenburg, editor-at-large at BILD, Germany's biggest-selling paper, writing for the Mail Online. The future's bright, the future's independence!

(14/02/2020) This Valentines's Day I have picked up two contrasting viewpoints on our world, one from the point of view of the high politics being played out across the great power blocks of our time (US, China, MIddle East, and Europe, forgive me if I've omitted to mention yours but limited space precludes me from mentioning everywhere), and ably presented by Harley Schlanger of LaRouchePAC. If you're a Brit (as most of our visitors are) this content may be of particular interest:

My next offering is from the point of view of the ignored and downtrodden Joe Public, with whom most of us may identify, and points up the way in which those in authority across the globe use egregious violations of common sense, natural justice and even the legal justice systems to make us all believe that resistance is futile:

Frankly this is not a UK phenomenon - the main target is the Anglosphere group of countries because those countries have the strongest history of promoting peaceful independence and ensuring the proper protection of the citizen from the arbitrary power of the state; but it is also a pernicious world-wide movement that seems to be driven by that paragon of virtue and goodwill to all, the United Nations, which as a body (much like the European Union) has no meaningful democratic accountability whatsoever.

BBC's Greta Series . . . Reaction

(12/02/2020) The Express reports on reaction to the BBC's announcement that Greta will have a series devoted to the popular assertion that we face a man-made climate emergency.


Will we in the interests of balance see a BBC series promoting any contrary views?


Even if the BBC would not stoop to giving a climate "denier" (such a past president of Greenpeace Canada Dr Patrick Moore perhaps) any air time, they could surely provide 5 minutes for climate activist Michael Shellenberger to present his case?

Climate Call for Action!

(10/02/2020) Troy Media (Canadian, since you ask) make a powerful case for  climate moderates everywhere to wake up and smell the coffee before they are priced and taxed out of their lifestyle. The climate zealots can now smell victory - it's time to make your mind up if you are for or against climate extremism and act accordingly.

Post-Brexit Unfinished Business

(10/02/2020) Another thing that has been festering for years - the UK preens itself on its lowering its carbon emissions but hides the fact that it exported its high-carbon steelworks etc overseas, from whence it now must import its steel . . .   how green is that? Black mark I'd say.


Conservative Home is on the case.

(08/02/2020) The Supreme Court, that artful creation of Tony Blair that removed our courts from Parliamentary oversight (albeit oversight by the Law Lords), has shown itself in its true meddling colours by disregarding precedent and inventing its own rules to suit the preferences of its members. It's time to call it to account, whilst the Boris iron is hot and he isn't diverted by the minutiae of everything that the government gets involved with these days.


If he finds that too difficult, maybe he should decentralise some of the responsibilities of central government to lower authorities, or even (gulp) abolish them altogether - my guess is that the country would get along just fine . . .

Boris Johnson

(04/02/2020) Our Prime Minister sets out his stall for the EU negotiations in typical ebullient style - like him of loath him, he is definitely more entertaining than  . . .  almost any other UK or EU politician I can think of.

And here, fresh from Brexit Watch's new web-site, is one of their first articles which looks at what must rank as one of the most important post-Brexit topics: how will Boris square his Greenwich pronouncements with the Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration that he has signed with the EU? More below from Jeff Taylor . . .

World Review

(04/02/2020) LaRouchePAC reviews the EU farmers' protests against the EU's "green" policies, the failed Trump impeachment, and more. Is the UK going to regret it's determination to be the greenest green government on the planet?

(03/02/2020) I'm no fan of Bill Gates, having abandoned Windows 10 (which used to screw up my PC) in favour of Linux Mint (which doesn't) some years ago. But credit where credit is due - his views on the likely usefulness of renewable sources of energy are refreshing:

(01/02/2020) Let's start with this excellent little piece from the Sun, an at length interview with Douglas Carswell, the Tory who made waves by defecting to UKIP and immediately resubmitting himself to a by-election, which he won (with a little assistance from me! - those were the days ... ). This is journalism as it should be - BBC take note! Maybe we don't always associate the Sun with high quality journalism, but perhaps they are going to confound our expectations?

My next offering is from an independent Irish source (Computing Forever) inteviewing a "protest" candidate in the recently annnounced Irish General Election 2020. Over there there doesn't seem yet to be a coherent anti-establishment movement comparable to UKIP in 2015 - but I suspect it won't take long now before something similar emerges. It's a long interview but revealing, and touches on many of the same problems that we have over in the UK (although not so much in Hampshire at present).

This one below is one for the conspiracy theorists amongst us (I know you 're out there) - even if you aren't a conspiracy nut yet, she (Amazing Polly) raises dystopian speculations suggesting that just because you are not interested in conspiracies, it doesn't mean to say that conspirators are not interested in you!

Trump - Impeachment - Mid-East Deal

(29/01/2020) The Trump impeachment circus continues -  there's far too much of this to bring you on this page but today is noteworthy for a blistering defence of the president that threatens to blow the lid off the Democratic shenanigans in the Ukraine.


The impeachment tries to assert that Trump was not entitled to ask Ukraine's president to investigate suggestions of corruption, but maybe those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones:

Today also we have news of Trump's proposed deal to resolve the Palestinian - Israeli crisis (no lack of ambition there).  Harvey Schlanger provides us with a wide-ranging assessment of the Middle East situation as well as commentary on the president's proposal, and isn't entirely complimentary about the record of the UK in this matter - I think that we in the UK may find this interesting.

OMG! It's Coronavirus! (or is it ..?)

(07/02/2020This article is a different take on the coronavirus situation. The lockdown in China is reported as pretty severe, although I having no first-hand information am reliant on the usual suspect sources. Nevertheless Dr Francis Boyle of the University of Illinois seems on cursory inspection to be a genuine article:

This independent video is presented as being direct from Wuhan . . .   but I have no means of verifying this. Nonetheless it seems consistent with other reporting.

(29/01/2020) UK Column has another thought-provoking contribution concerning the Coronavirus outbreak.

(28/01/2020) If you have read the next bit dated 23/01 then you will probably realise that I hold a fairly jaundiced view of this outbreak - "we have been here before". Pursuant to this viewpoint we might consider how the powers that be may be working this outbreak to persuade their populations to become more malleable, more pliable for further suppression of their freedoms . . . even if you think all this far-fetched and don't share this viewpoint, it may be prudent to acquaint yourself with the possibilities - forewarned is forearmed after all.


I also offer you another remarkable take on the situation in Wuhan by someone who lives there - first hand accounts are well worth reading, not only for medical information but also to see how the political situation impacts on the practical within China.


(23/01/2020) Who is peddling this panic? How scared should we be? Obviously very!


I remember well when the SARS epidemic struck - I nearly missed my comfortable Business Class flight from Shanghai to UK! There had been a delay on the motorway to Pudong International airport and it was going to be touch-and-go whether I would arrive in time (if only I had taken the Mag-Lev!).


When I was eventually dropped off I was informed that in addition to check-in and passport control I couldn't board unless I had acquired a certificate to say that I had been checked for SARS! WHAT???! Where?! I was directed to another area where I could be verified and certificated - off I went, found it, somewhat breathlessly obtained my certificate, hot-footed back to boarding and (finally! phew!) was welcomed aboard just as they were closing the doors.


But hang on a minute - nobody had examined me for any infection, nobody had even taken my temperature - nobody cared, it was just another administrative hurdle to get through, they had simply given me a certificate.


Now we are assured of the impending epidemic of "Coronavirus", potentially a death-dealing disease supposedly ravaging its way across Wuhan, and I'm thinking "haven't we been here before?".


There was a time when I would have believed the hype in the press, but now I think we should be prepared to consider whether, nay not whether, but where we are being had. There are simply too many tall stories about impending calamity being put about for them all to be true (Brexit exposed plenty of examples - it was worth doing for that alone).


Take the flu vaccine - actually, no don't; though I used to get flu regularly (before I improved my diet and started Vit C and D3 pills), I haven't had flu for years now, so why risk a vaccine?


When it came out this vaccine was notorious (anecdotally) for being ineffective at best or at worst seemingly promoting a bout of flu. Flu comes in many forms but the vaccine only "protected" from a few of those. Whether this has improved recently I don't know and I have no need to find out. However this 2013 article (sadly paywalled) in the British Medical Journal reached a not dissimilar conclusion but on the significantly different grounds that most cases of "flu" that were tested found no trace of the flu virus!


What I do know is that my local surgery is again promoting this "protection" free to the elderly and infirm (sadly I'm old enough to be fitted up with that categorisation and cantankerous enough to resent it).


So the vaccine manufacturers have their sales force (the NHS) funded by the state, their product purchased by the state, and pushed by the state to those who (a) are not asked to pay for it (b) may be "vulnerable" and (c) have been trained throughout their lives to implicitly trust our "wonderful NHS" (effectively a monopoly provider) as the fount of all knowledge for all ills.  


Oh, and remind me who is actually paying for all this state "care"?


Any businessman would give an arm and a leg for such a business model. Perhaps some do . . .


Is "the state" effectively colluding with "Big Pharma" to rip us off?  I think it's high time we asked.


And don't forget to look out for the new vaccine against the Coronavirus - it's sure to be along shortly. After all, "Big Pharma" would be delinquent in its duty to protect us from this new global threat if it did not produce one in double-quick time (and never mind the need to perform proper double-blind but time-consuming scientific trials to assure safety and effectiveness).

Trump in Davos - What could go Wrong?

LaRouchePAC Action brings us Donald in Davos - and he doesn't disappoint!

(22/01/2020) In contrast to Trump's upbeat performance in Davos, our own BBC flies the proverbial kite for ways to deal with old folk who may no longer be "useful" - what do they think they are up to?

The EU Post Brexit

(20/01/2020) This piece "How Brexit Gives Hope to the Long Suffering Greeks" from the CIB explores the ramifications of Brexit in the context of the appalling austerity meted out to Greece at the time of the Greek Debt Crisis and subsequent "bail-outs" - interested readers are referred to the book "Adults in the Room" by Yannis Varoufakis, who shot to fame at the time as the Greek Finance Minister who negotiated with the EU / IMF for a deal that would work for the Greek people - alas he was unsuccessful. Highly recommended reading if you want to know how the EU really works from the man who did his utmost to save his homeland.


Next up is yet another contribution from Dr Steve Turley pointing up the unrest about EU governance as it affects Germany the Netherlands and Ireland. We are familiar with the seemingly unending protests against M. Macron in France but almost never reported in the UK is the gathering unrest in Europe - the people have had enough and are making their views heard in the only way they can (actions speak louder then words!).


I'm sorry to inflict so much of Dr Turley on our readers - he is a bit of an acquired taste but we willingly make allowances for the presentation styles of our transatlantic cousins :)

Britain Post Brexit

(20/01/2020) Sajid spells it out - No Alignment! If Boris carries on like this he will certainly go down in history as the man who borrowed more policies from UKIP than any other PM !

(18/01/2020) The Telegraph reports today that putting "Bobbies on the beat" has cut crime on the London Underground system. Who would have thought it? I hope that our Home Office is paying attention and will soon fund our police forces sufficently to allow them to decentralise a bit, and get our Bobbies out of their cars more and back on our streets. They can be sure of a warm welcome.


(13/01/2020) This piece by Robert Tombs in the Spectator is a timely round up of the opportunities that inspired the drive to Brexit.

Dr Steve Turley explains the source of the malaise which cultural Marxism inflicts upon our society these days - and illustrates his analysis by reference to the Royal Family's latest problem with their errant off-spring . . .  worth a hearing:

What You Need to Know About 5G

And this doesn't even mention whether 5G radiation is safe to walk and play around in . . .

Freedom Must be Defended

(07/01/2020) New year, old obfuscations continue. UK Column returned from holiday with an essential viewing report covering the newly pressing matter of US - Iran relations and the UK's involvement in EU Defence Union & EI2:

(05/01/2020) Trump has set the cat among the pigeons with the attack on the Iranian Maj. Gen. Qasem Soleimani, Commander of the Revolutionary Guards Quds Brigade, and his right-hand man Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, reportedly for plotting attacks in Iraq as well as for past misdemeanours.

There has been plenty of comment on this, but perhaps one of the more balanced pieces comes from Helga Zepp-LaRouche of the Schiller Institute.


Whether her exhortation to presidents Trump Putin and Xi is appropriate right now may be arguable, but all three leaders are supposed to be in favour of peace rather than war and Trump in particular removed John Bolton from his administration seemingly because he was too warlike, and has refrained from attacking Iran up to this point. Following that line of logic, he would have to have had very good reason for authorising this attack given the risks of the consequences, so perhaps he did, and perhaps he didn't. We will probably have to await events before we can reach any well-founded conclusion.

(02/01/2020) The Virginians are finding that those who call themselves "democrats" do not always live up to their name. Funny that, but as we in the UK have discovered, freedom (and "democrats") can no longer be taken for granted. What can be taken for granted is that if we do take our freedom for granted, someone will be along soon to sneak it away from us.

Climate Emergency - Fact or Fantasy?

(13/01/2020) And finally - the best PowerPoint presentation (also works in LibreOffice)  that I have found so far, courtesy of UKIP Ashford!


Also see 2019 - Year of Peak Green BullS**t. Now we just need a "year of peak green sanity"  -   and to get that we need more people to challenge the BullS**t. Pass the ammo along please . . .

(01/01/2020) At the start of 2020 we can be sure that the powers that be will intensify their drive to ramp up the climate hysteria (and the associated taxes overt and hidden that they plan to heap upon us) so now is perhaps an opportune time to put the case for the reality of climate change.


First up we have a short and sweet debunk that puts the case in simple terms that are readily understandable:

To back that up with as much evidence as even the most  fanatical may have the stomach for, Dr Patrick Moore (founder member GreenPeace who left that movement when it became in his view divorced from the science) sets out his case for the true science of climate change:


Links to earlier entries:


I take my hat off to 1&1 for providing an easy and inexpensive way for anyone to set up their own wesite, domain name, and email server, on someone else's cloud. More power to their elbow!

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